Thuney to the Chiefs 5 yrs $80M

Ian Rapoport

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For the #Chiefs and Joe Thuney, it’s a 5-year deal worth $80M, source said.

Ian Rapoport


More on Thuney’s deal: The first 2 years are fully guaranteed at $32.5M. Year 3 is injury only but converts to full guarantee in year 2. So $48M practically guaranteed.

Is he going to play tackle?

The $15 million average annual salary is the most for any guard on a multi-year deal.

Good thing we didn’t try and pay for him either this year or last. That’s crazy money.

Agreed! How can the chiefs afford to spend that much on a guard when they have already broke the bank on Mahomes, Kelce and Tyreek Hill.

Wow … hard to believe they can afford that.

The rich get richer… meanwhile we can’t afford to bring back Golladay, MJ, or Davis.

Please don’t try to tell me BQ was good at cap management.


But they need tackles. Kicking Joe out to RT and drafting a LT?

Thuney did play OT in college and was a backup OT for NE.

KC drafted Lucas Niang in round 3 last year and he’s expected to start at RT.

I honestly don’t think Thuney is the plan to start at LT. My guess is they draft a rookie and wants a solid vet to play along side him.

Once again, I read a couple articles stating the Chiefs would be cash strapped. But here it is.
The salary cap doesn’t matter. All teams can fudge it how they want. I mean, it certainly looks that way.

According to the Chiefs fans I regularly argue with they need help along the interior almost as bad. Reiter left, Duvernay-Tardif is coming back but who knows what a year off will do to him (and he struggled in 2019), Niang is unproven (and might be tried at tackle anyway), Remmers blows, and Osemele’s coming off torn tendons in BOTH knees only a few months ago. They need a lot of help.

I’m beginning to think this whole cap thing is a joke. Look at the Saints, they were way over and its like they just took an eraser and changed the number to fit and all is well now

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Plus one could argue that better protection for Mahomes is the difference between a Super Bowl championship or not

I’ve said it over and over on here, the cap is fluid, good teams always find ways to pay their good players, add in FA, and when it ultimately comes time to move on from a player their heir apparent is already on the roster. Rarely do you see the great teams let their good players leave before a second contract.