Thursday Practice Report - Injuries

Same as yesterday:

Jarrad Davis LB ankle LP
Da’Shawn Hand DL elbow LP
Rashaan Melvin CB knee LP
Frank Ragnow OL ankle LP
Trey Flowers DE shoulder LP

Today was just a walk-through day, I think the Lions are flying out a day earlier than usual - tomorrow. Which does not fill me with optimism that Ragnow or anyone else will be playing on Sunday. Could be, you never know, but I’d hate to lose this game. Welp, it is what it is, I guess.


I am glad they were LP vs no participation. And no one else was added…

Trying the gratitude in the list thingie!!

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Maybe it’s just the Lions being super cautious and at least Ragnow plays. They got rid of the ‘Probable’ designation a year or two back or whenever it was and maybe Ragnow is more ‘Probable’ and ‘Limited’. I am on the pointy horns of a dilemna here, I don’t want to lose the game but I don’t want guys playing when they should be getting healthy.


I know, right?!

I want to win… it stops the negativity cold… for one week at least!

But it we loose Rag as our C, I feel the line with suffer …… a lot…