Thursday Practice

From Michael Rothstein, ESPN:

No Mike Daniels or Danny Amendola again today for the Lions. Darius Slay was at practice and appeared to do a little more. Rashaan Melvin did everything. Mike Ford did make a nice one-handed grab though.

Me: I guess Amendola is hurt more than I thought. Not counting on any of these guys being out there, except Melvin. Who BTW looks like a damn good CB2 and a good Quinn pickup. The Lions could do worse than re-upping the guy.


At this point I’d be shocked if Slay doesn’t play. Amendola hurts, though. I’m hoping he can be ready, since post-game he seemed to shrug off any concerns.

Sucks missing him!

Increased roles for McKissick and/or Ty? TEs?

I’d be disappointed if Slay doesn’t play, but really shocked cuz I’d rather see him 100% going into GB. If he’s good to go, fine. Maybe I’m too much of defeatist, but out of the next 3 games (KC, @GB, Minn) I really want to win the last 2. Not to give up on the Chiefs cuz I think it’s a winnable game, but I want to be smart about the long term.

I’d rate the chances bettter than 50-50 that Slay will play on Sunday tough.

Might give few targets to the new guy, Perkins too. I think it’s important to be somewhat cautious with KeJo’s workload, they don’t want him all banged up or out with an injury in December. So, I think they can limit the risk to him by going with the RBBC approach.

Don’t forget the new WR, Marvin Hall, who is said to be really fast.

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Yup - I agree with that. I’m surprised Ty isn’t being used more. They seem to like McKissick better. I don’t even know Perkins. How did I miss that?

Paul Perkins, they picked him up on waivers after letting CJ go. Depth guy from the Giants.

I think Ty is slowly working in, and they trust McKissick a bit more with pass protection, but I have a feeling Ty will be more part of the game plan against Chiefs. Remember that the Eagles were blitzing like crazy, and running some advanced scheme stuff.

I am still waiting to see Ty get some screen looks. His speed and moves in the open field seem tailor made to a nice screen pass, similar to what sprung Kerryon against the Chargers

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Didn’t Perkins play against us the last time we played the Giants? The guy isn’t as fast as TyJo, but he knows what he’s doing back there IMHO.

The guy that I don’t know is Marvin Hall, who is said to be blazing fast. Fast guys that get cut are usually bad route runners or have poor hands, so we’ll see. He ain’t big but he is quick.

Agreed. He’s tougher than I thought too, in terms of his attitude and effort toward bringing and absorbing contact. I’m so anxious to see what Ty can do.

During the game, noticed them working on his rib area. Thought it was an equipment problem then. Is it ribs? In meaning to Amendola.

They didn’t say. Could be bruised ribs, or something else.

I could be wrong but I think a big reason they picked up Hall was if Agnew continued to struggle as a returner. Since Amendola was the next man up, and they were probably trying to protect him. Pretty sure Perkins, McKissic, and TJ are our primary back-up RBs. Hopefully the return boosts Agnews confidence so that Hall is more of a luxury than a necessity…

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Same injury report as yesterday for the Lions:

Amendola (chest) & Daniels (foot) out;
Slay (hamstring), Melvin (knee), Hand (elbow) limited.

They should work Ty (GoJo) at Slot some. Hit him in the secondary and he’ll just be trouble.

Yea. It didn’t seem bad watching the catch. Maybe after catch, his pads dug into his ribs?

Chest injury - means either bruised or cracked ribs. That’s going to hurt for a while

totally agree. if he ain’t 100% then don’t risk aggravating an injury that will bring down his play across multiple games vs sitting him out one.