Tigers’ blue-chip 2023 draft a tough act to follow for 2024

Tigers’ blue-chip 2023 draft a tough act to follow for 2024
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But what was said a year ago — that the Tigers in 2023 had their best draft since the 1970s — can be said again 12 months later, even on the floor of a notorious casino known as the MLB Draft.

Max Clark. Kevin McGonigle. Jaden Hamm. Even now, all look like quality big-leaguers in the making. Max Anderson, Carson Rucker (out for the year with a wrecked shoulder), Brett Callahan, Jim Jarvis, Paul Wilson, Jatnk Diaz, Hayden Minton, Andrew Sears — not all of the above will cut it, but there will be hits, as well as help probably from a few others in a well-scouted, and shrewdly financed, class.

Whether it can be reprised in 2024’s MLB Draft, which begins next Sunday evening and runs through July 16, is a poor bet. The Tigers picked third overall last year. They choose 11th next week, and in the ensuing 19 rounds.

As much as a deeper draft slot makes matters complicated for Detroit, there is the acknowledged fact this year’s amateur crop is lighter than the 2023 field.

The popular Tigers pick at 11 overall:

Cam Caminiti, 17, and a left-handed marvel from Saguaro High in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, throws 96, has an anvil for a curveball — and well, you’ve heard this before about various prep pitchers who now are employed elsewhere, and have been, since their arms fell off.

But remember three years ago: Tigers draft-hounds were apoplectic when Detroit took Jackson Jobe third overall. Jobe, although he’s had his bouts with non-arm injuries, might be the best farm pitching prospect anywhere in 2024 and, if healthy, will be in the Tigers’ rotation in 2025.

It’s impossible to know how the Tigers’ newest draft generals, Rob Metzler and Mark Conner, see Caminiti. What is known is Metzler’s draft background with the Rays, and Conner’s, particularly with the Padres, has not precluded picking a young pitcher early.

They also are just a bit aware of industry data on prep pitchers. If they take Caminiti next week, it will be due to a soulful conviction Caminiti’s size, mechanics, delivery, and pitcher projection are too good to resist.

And, frankly, I would trust their evaluations. That’s how much the Tigers have necessarily altered, for the better, their draft approach, a frequent past failing that pretty much singularly explains why there has been no World Series parade in Detroit since 1984.

Are there popular options at 11? Yes, mainly prep shortstops: Konnor Griffin, from Jackson Prep in Flowood, Mississippi. Also: Bryce Rainer, from Harvard-Westlake High, in Lo


Another possibility, strong it would seem here:

The Tigers decide to play a CNBC-grade, wealth-management game and go beneath the — ahem — recommended slot they’re allowed at No. 11, which is $5.7 million from their allocated bonus allowance of $11.9 million.

They could decide, no, they’re not wild about the value at 11 and instead select a less expensive option, saving dollars for deeper in the draft in a bid to lure other talents from their college scholarships.

The Tigers, in fact, did that quite adroitly a year ago when they went under slot to get Clark, grabbed McGonigle with their next pick, and still had cash in later rounds that helped make — a firm stance here — last year’s haul the best for Detroit in nearly 50 years.

It’s not a limb-walk to say the Tigers next week should yet get their share of guys who figure to help revivify next year’s Tigers farm system, on a relative scale anyway, as much as the 2023 gang has changed a team’s minor-league stead.

It still comes down to amassing baseball skills. To drafting broad talent. To building a roster core from personnel that arrives at the same time and that can be counted on steadily to replenish departing talent.

There is the secret. There is the answer to how you win, as the Orioles are showing. The free-agent checks can, and must, be written for complementary help later in the process.

But you win, primarily, with kids you bring through your own front door.

You’ll see an interesting Tigers draft next week. One that should confirm a team, at last, has figured out the best and purest way to succeed is with a steady influx of skilled young blood.

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I’m all in on Konnor Griffin.

6’ 4" 220 lb ss/of and probably the best prep bat in this draft.

We would have to play the waiting game, like we are with Clark, but this kid will be a superstar…book it.

Keep your fingers crossed that he is there at #11

Since the demise of Tigstown I haven’t really followed a lot of MLB draft prospects so no idea how good or what potential any of these guys have.

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When everyone was tanking for Connor McDavid they had a hashtag.
The problem is I think the Tigers are getting better not worse, so tanking is probably out of the question.

I think there is a lottery in baseball now too. Tanking is not so straight forward anymore.


There is, Tigers benefitted last year by going from 6 to 3 iirc.
I think this draft they ended up where they were slotted on W/L record.

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The NHL has had a draft lottery since shortly after the Lindros mass tanking. But teams were still tanking for the extra lottery balls with McDavid. Those guys don’t come around every day.

The more balls the better eh @socko :joy:



I’m hoping the Giants draft the switch pitcher, Jurrangelo Cijntje. Good name to boot.

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Right. The lottery is an ingenious revelation that effectively prevents teams from tanking.
Jon Hamm Yes GIF

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It’s all about Konnor Griffin for me.

With his size, speed, and hit tool he has legit 40/40 potential.

5 more days…

I would be very happy with Rainer, but only if Griffin is gone.


How many years until he is MLB?

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The Tigers just dont have the will to win.

I know because AJ Hinch gives me foot messages.

I think the Redwings will be better this year if they win more games…

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