Tigers vs Brewers; June 7-9


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Skubal just struck out the side in the first inning…on 11 pitches

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Tigers are teeing off. Up 10-0

Do you think Hinch pulls Skubal at this point to help save his arm (I really mean to protect his era)

He’s only at 75 pitches so I’m guessing he goes at least one more inning.

Just another day at the office for Skubal.

1 run, 10 K’s, and his era now sits at 1.92 for the season.

I’m trying to remember the last Tigers pitcher with an era this low, this late in the season. The only one that comes to mind is Denny McLain’s 31 win season.

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I think the broadcast said Skubal is number three this late into the season, or after a certain number of starts, can’t recall the qualifier they used.

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and the broadcast is getting to the unwatchable/listenable point of the game.

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Thats damn good company to be in.

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Nice grab by Vierling, timed it perfectly.

I’ve been switching back and forth between the Tigers, and the memorial tournament.

Dang, forgot about that, shame on me.
If that is close I will switch over

Edit: I’m switching and back to the deck with a book and golf on the tablet.

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Scheffler is one over for the day, but still has a 2 stroke lead.

One game under .500, 2 games out of the playoffs.

Josh Bell (DH)
Vlad (DH)
Taylor Ward (OF)

All these guys have had varying signals of being available and would immediately be our best run producer (Carp when he comes back is right in this group).

We have the prispect depth to do this. Today.

Sox say they want a huge haul for Lou Bob…I’d give them volume instead of peak, prospects-wise

Wenceel, Bigbie, Madden, Hamm and Dingler. Probably need a headliner bigger than those guys though.



I really like Rooker a lot. If he can keep his average around .270ish, he’s a legit all-star.

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The Mudhens killed it in Des Moines, smoking a winning team on the road. Friday night was almost sold out.

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