Tigers vs Twins: July 2-4

Sorry been traveling to the Smoky mountains for 17yr olds birthday for hiking and more so little late on the thread and probably the game I’m guessing.

Tigers lose opener,Skubal doesn’t take the loss but gives up 3runs
JHM and Kriedler with HR’s

Man, when Skoobie opens the series and doesn’t win, we’re… (fill in the blank)…

With both Flaherty and Mize being out, I don’t even know who will be starting for us the rest of the series.

Last night was probably our only chance to get a win. I expect to be swept.

It looks like Montero, with his 9.35 era is starting for us today.

Grand Salami for Kelly
Tigers 4
Twinkies 0

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Then Perez follows it up with a solo shot.

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Montero pitched a really good game last night. You can see why he’s ranked so high in the system.

Reilly Greene had an awesome night too. He fell just a double short of a cycle.

Finally someone gets it right.

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Season 6 Nbc GIF by The Office

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Half right.

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Colt Keith with a solo shot in the first
1-0 Tigers

Oh man, Ibanez that was painful to watch.

splits GIF

Wonder if the Tigers, as part of a Flaherty trade, could force the other team to take Maeda.


9 runs on 9 hits, in 3+ innings.

His season era is at 6.71 now.

And we were lucky enough to get him on a 2 year deal.

$14 Million this year, but “only” $10 Million next year.

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