Tight End Position

I expect this to be a major overhaul. Listening to Bob’s presser they fell short on improving the position this season. They tried the FA route and missed out on guys like Trey Burton, also tried to trade for Gronk.

I wouldn’t mind bringing back Toilolo, unless they find a better blocking TE. Roberts can get another shot in camp (they always need bodies), but if he can’t stay healthy then they need to move on. I don’t like giving up to quickly on young players, but it seems like his ship is sailing.

Cameron Brate has been mentioned as an option in FA.

How would folks feel about using the 3rd from the Eagles on Zach Gentry? He’s the only TE that I’ve found rated around the top 10 to have the prototypical size teams are looking for @ 6’8".
I don’t watch college football, so measurables, draft sites and youtube highlights is all this fan has to get some semblance of a clue…well…and this fine place of course !

A couple of points.
First off, Cameron Brate signed a six year contract last year for 40+ million. So we would have to trade for him. I suggest offering Wagner whom we can replace with Crosby.
Cook might be available as might Eifert. Really the only decent guys available. JMO
I encourage the Jay Riemersma clone, (Mich. QB recruit who moved to TE), as a late round addition.

It would cost the Bucs nothing to trade him as he had a very low guarantee, so no dead cap. OJ Howard is a beast and more of a traditional TE, Brate is the exact size CJ was, so they’re two completely different players. Brate is getting paid a lot for 30 catches and 300 yards especially considering he’s on one of the top offenses. Add in that TB doesn’t have any cap space in 2019, they may move him for a bag of fritos.

I think the critique of him is that he is not very tough. Get’s scared easily.

That’s just straight up bs. I follow the draft and hs recruiting very closely and not one scouting report has even alluded to that. Source, please provide one.

I didn’t say I thought that. I am just passing on what I read at the Stadium and Main board. And I misspoke about the “scared” aspect. Mainly they state he has poor hands and some think he is weak. We will see.
I have no idea about his real value, but his performance this year was not earth shattering. Not sure how much that is on him, or Harbaugh’s game plan.
I have not looked at his stats.

Here ya go. Have at em.


Yep, based on combine and last season stats for Zach Gentry, last round or UDFA.

Im going to be totally honest.

Part of me expected Luke Willson to break out last year.


I certainly expected much more than what he delivered. Ditto for Roberts… L.T. actually exceeded expectations.

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I also expected (hoped) for more from Willson, wondering if it was an issue with JBC? Would Willson do better under the new OC if he re-signed with the Lions, who he worked with in Seattle? Clearly the Lions MUST sign an FA TE (2?) and draft one too IMHO, but hell, you might as well roll with a 6th OL if your TEs can’t get it done as receivers.

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Article about Tolillo

Receiving is only half of the battle for many tight ends, and for Levine Toilolo, he absolutely crushed the other half of his duties. Not only was Toilolo an impressive pass blocker this season, he was the best pass-blocking tight end according to PFF.

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What was L.T.s contract last year? I know it was reasonable… and he shouldnt break the bank if we were to resign him this off season.

One year contract. Super cheap.

He’ll get more this year.

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One would think, but you never know what some other team is going to offer him. If I’m the Lions, I’m going to try for Jessie James, a guy that can block and be an offensive weapon.

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Yeah i expected him to sign a larger contract this year considering the fact that he was the #1 run blocker in the League last season, and also proved later in the year that he can catch the ball a little bit, too.

I agree with you, Wise, J James has been the guy that ive been hoping for in FA. He is young, blocks well, and can catch the ball… and i think he might come at a price that we can afford.

Maybe the lack of TE production is on JBC.
Maybe that is why Ebron blossomed after he left and why none of our TE’s ever did.


And yes…

They do need to be part of the game plan to produce. I think we had one game (Miami) last year where the TEs flashed.

I noticed a huge dropoff of using Pettigrew. He’s getting tons of targets for first 5 years, then all of a sudden, no targets at all. You’d think having Pettigrew and Ebron on the field at the same time, you’d have good 2 TE sets, but we never did.

JBC was there in 2014, but he wasn’t calling plays until 2nd half of 2015. And Lombardi specifically wanted Ebron to replace his Jimmy Graham. And nobody would argue that the Saints didn’t use him well, would they?

You have to look at the QB, too, since that also changed when Ebron left…