Tim Boyle and Kurt Warner Fun Facts

Kurt Warner was an UDFA who signed with Green Bay.

Tim Boyle was an UDFA who signed with Green Bay.

Kurt Warner couldn’t beat out Favre, Mark Brunell, and Ty Detmer and didn’t start an NFL game until he was 28.

Tim Boyle was a backup for Kaaron Rodgers for 3 years and will start his first NFL game tomorrow at the age of 27.

Kurt Warner won the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl MVP, and the league MVP in his first full year as a starter.

Tim Boyle will be 28 next year and could be the starter for the full season.

We da Lions. Weird chit happens. Keep improbable, irrational hope alive!!!


The Detroit Lions are due for a miracle


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Did Kurt Warner finish college with 12 TDs and 26 INTs? Because I can’t find his college interception stats anywhere.

Also, Kurt Warner heard he was named the starter while he was in a book suppository (full metal jacket) and ran to a theater while Boyle found out he was going to be the starter in a theater and ran to a library.

Warner was a 1 year starter in HS and college. He was MVP of NFL Europe and the Arena League.

He started 1 year and was named Gateway Conference of the Year at UNI.

Its fun to dream but as lions fans we all know how this goes… maybe we can finally turn the tide if we let Dorsey influence or QB selection in the next two years

I love it! It’s like he’s t he parable version of the second Adam?! :+1::crazy_face::upside_down_face::heart::pray:

Hmmmmm…yeah, I’d avoid reminding the football gods about Warner since the whole “Dumped-by-mad-genius-coach-forked-by-the-pundits/fans-until-universally-deemed-dead-rises-Phoenician-style-from-the-ashes-to-glory” part of the story might be the bit they decide to retread. Unless you like DET as NYG in this proposed remake.

I’d stick with " We will rally around Jack Fox & we will play good football".

Not sure about his stats… but he finished college in lane 2 of the Hy-Vee grovery store. His major in communications seems like a little overkill for the job…

“Would you like paper or plastic?”

All joking aside… I have always been a fan of Kurt.
Great to see somebody work hard and have success.

I have been a fan as well. He’s got a great story and I enjoyed watching him play.

Don’t forget there is literally a movie coming out in December about Kurt’s story.

Its funny to me because Kurt’s story was so unusual that the only way to make the movie is if the real thing happened first. If you wrote a movie that had all of the plot twists as Kurt’s life it would be so unbelievable that it would be hard to keep football fans attention. “C’mon bro. A spider bite on his honeymoon kept him from trying out for the Bears? This is starting to get stupid.” :joy:

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lol. this thread was only a matter of time, yet nobody saw it coming.

congrats on doing a perfect job of channeling the lion’s universe

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It’s funny how average Warner looked when he wasn’t throwing to hall of fame receivers. Warner was good but doesn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame in my opinion. Name me a hall of fame quarterback that was basically benched and replaced twice in his prime?

name a qb that took the f-ing cardinals to the superbowl


Name a QB who kept his job after his team traded 2 first picks, a 3rd rounder, and a 5th rounder to get their QB of the future?

Also… it appears you might want to brush up on the details of why he was “benched” by the Rams.
He was hurt. Bulger played well. Warner left as UFA.

yeah, but we get weird bad shit

Yeah, but if the earth’s magnetic north pole can shift by 30 miles each year, even the Lions weird bad shit might could shift to weird good shit any time soon…

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Know what? Hell yeah. Anna Paquin is great and Dennis Quaid as Steve Vermeil?!?!?