Tim Kennedy - why I think he played so much

MCDC cares about all the “people” on this roster: everyone of them.

I don’t think TK makes the roster and I feel MCDC is playing him to get more tape for other teams to see…. The guys should be in a roster but our WR groups is just too deep imho….

We can’t predict the future but what little I think I know of our coach, he is trying to set up ALL the players for future success- be it here or in another team


Austin Bryant was also getting 3rd down snaps at the end of the 4th quarter. It is hard to say…

Both of those guys are bubble players who have played extremely well in the preseason/training camp. It’s extremely hard to cut guys like that.

I really do think Kennedy could be a great option for Goff if given the opportunity and snaps. But we shall see.

I also finally saw Trinity Benson flash in this last preseason game. I wonder if we could sneak him onto the practice squad…

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Bryant probably got so much playing time because he still needs to develop after missing so much time his first few years. Same with stenburg. The more reps they get the better.



I can’t remember the last time we have seen this much pass rush talent. Hutch, okwara, okwara 2, Harris, Bryant

I think the days of watching our lineman dance with the other lineman might be over… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Agree here as little I we actually know…. Makes sense imho, to get him game ready for Philly!

So if Tim gets cut, what happens to Tom?


The random thought I just had is also possibly getting Bryant more tape to possibly drum up interest for a trade. He’s gone after this year. Do they flip him for corner, linebacker or quarterback help?

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I suck at least 3.85 times a day!


I’m 50/50 but leaning toward a cut

Then I read this…. Towards the bottom you see where DC is putting on ST to get reps…. If he can’t contribute there, he’s most likely cut imho

No judgment here man. Whatever you need to do to pay your rent. Times be tough. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really don’t get why Kennedy doesn’t play special teams. Has he tried and sucks? He seems like a whatever you need kind of player.

I think the best thing is we FINALLY have a guy the OL has to worry about every play. Hutch has to be double teamed on every play. He showed that in practice and in the first preseason game.

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I am thinking TK can’t make this squad if he can’t play ST unless we cut Quintez. I just don’t see that. Hopefully we can get him on the PC and then activate him when injuries occur. They other guys just have more utility in ST. I wish TK could play ST. Talented WR but not elite enough to break top 4.


He played 8 snaps on special teams against the colts (none in 1st game). Obviously not going to be on FG or Point After, so maybe about half the punting and kick offs.

We trade Tom for magic beans of course!!


Cephus practiced vs the Colts in the joint practices but didn’t play in the game. He’s making the team.

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I think it’s between Kennedy and Benson as Raymond is probably a lock to make the team.

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Phrases you don’t expect to hear in 2022 -

“Somebody stole my wagon spokes!!”

“Has anyone seen my watermelon shoes?”

“The Grizzly Bear crashed while texting and driving.”

“our WR group is just too deep”


I still remember how many people on this board were FREAKING OUT when the Lions draft Alim and Iffy in the 3rd round last year….


I think TK is an MC/DC type player and he makes the team!

I could be wrong but he’s proven to be very dependable unlike other WR’s on this team……

I keep him over Benson all day and twice on Sunday’s!