Time to clean house!

Start with the HC this evening. You can’t go on as a HC after an embarrassment at home like this.


Bobby Ross would of quit by now.

If the HC has any honor he will resign after this game.

How many times have we cleaned house in nearly 60 years of Ford ownership? IT WONT MATTER. A new coach, a new GM, new players. None of it has mattered.

Oh that was serious haha. There’s been worse losses

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Who cares fire the bum he is stealing money.

Yep! And we get another new guy new system and new ways to lose

Nope for me - not this year

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This one is definitely a massive black eye for the new regime.

I don’t think I’m down for anyone to be fired while the talent level is what it is this year.

If next year looks like this though? Yeah… I’ll be on board with firings.

He cried last time, what does he do now? He could try and end it for dramatic effect, but it appears he is to incompetent to kick the chair out from underneath himself!

I think he’s shot his wad of dramatics… He will sit there stone faced, dead eyes, and just give <5 word responses until no more questions come.

This is what a bad team looks like…what’d ppl expect? Everyone was already trying to figure out who this team woule pick #1 in the 2022 draft before this last 2021 draft. I’m not thrilles with Dan so far, but the roster is such garbage, add injuries to our allegede stongest unit in the OL…the possible, pre-season top 3 WR’s out (or not even making the team in Perriman), the utter, historically bad shitshow the D was last year, brought back this year…what’d you expect?! I’m giving Dan one more year, if he can’t at least get this team to 6-7 wins in 2022 (they’re still gonna be a bad team), and show progress, then he can’t be back in '23.


If we are not a seven win team next year then I’m fine cutting bait. I think that it would take less than 7 wins to get him a third season though.


No WRs , and a bad QB hard to win games with that combo.


And no starting LT or probowl Center…

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You got your prize rookie sewell

I did?

I just don’t see how you can bring a guy back if he goes 0-17.

You get 17 chances and you can’t win ONE? Against teams like the Bears, Falcons, and Eagles?

You don’t deserve to come back at that point.

I wish you all could go play for the lions and see how you actually handle the pressure real time.

These guys and the coaches, whom all are imperfect humans, walked into today more in line of thinking “let’s not lose” vs “one play at a time and win that play”….

Just like in golf, if I walk up to drive off the tee and my thoughts are “don’t hook it into the water trap”…… that’s what I’m going to do….

The place thier minds are at right now…. A dark place and it’s going to take a while to get out of it folks

In the real world, you don’t just switch your mind set like all of you are demanding….

Watch - we are two games from the official elimination process…… as soon as that happens the team will win as the mental pictures inside thier minds will change…… the pressure will go away that’s built up the last 8 games…

It like trying to go back out and ride my Harley after a wreck…. You have to push thru that fear painted inside you and it takes a few….

We all knew this season wasn’t going to amount to much…… and I still don’t think we go 0-17…. But our wins will happen…. Even if it’s only one!

Now time to go mow the lawn!!

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I demand weekly front office random seppuku until a win!