Time to discuss an OC or two

I think getting a list compiled with some research into ties to Patricia and Quinn, viability and availability. Also rumors about visits /interviews. Speculation.
Mike Kafka chiefs quarterback coach, Mahomes 5000+ and 50 TD’s, Nuff said
Shane Waldron Rams passing game coordinator, Rams offense and McVay’s ringing endorsement.
Those are my initial two.


Kafka’s Metamorphosis? I know nothing about him and yet I’m sold.

Mike Kafka not Franz Kafka. One would think that Ovid’s “Metamorphosis” was enough for an academic then Kafka twists it into his bug life wierdness. How Kafka-esque?

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Stafford was a little caterpillar like this year so I figure it’s worth a shot.

I do think that Stafford could thrive in the Rams offense, but he’d need receivers better at getting separation and at least an average O-line.

If you have a good OL and receivers that get separation, a lot of QBs could thrive in those conditions. Maybe even one cheaper than 15% of the cap…

My two favorites are probably down on the list and that is a shame. We could be looking at a Mike Munchak like hiring and I could really get behind that, too. Quinn’s "We wNt a balanced offense might preclude some of the younger breakout type OC’s.

I don’t think really think so. The Rams run a lot of deep routes where it’s harder to create windows because of narrow angles. This means you not only need better route runners but you need a QB that can fit it into tight windows that don’t stay open for long. I actually think Stafford does that better than Goff. And I think Stafford’s good enough to do it with average O-line. Not one on the level of the Rams.

Apparently the thread I just started on this was not good enough

Yeah, well I don’t.

Stafford had Calvin Johnson and his catch % was pretty awful.

Look at these numbers. No excuse.

I remember, at one time, comparing them to Brandon Marshall with Cutler and found that Marshall had better EVEN IF you count in CJ’s “drops” and don’t count Marshall’s.

2013 - CJ 53.8%, Marshall 51%.

You want to tell me Marshall is a better WR?

The Bears were 8-8 that year and we were 7-9… (never mind we started 7-5 and Stafford choked on d-ck the last 4 games…) We had a much better defense, too, that year.

Stafford’s placement is crap. Always has been . Sure, he can throw into tight windows, but fastballs into tight windows is about all he does. The rest of his game is average or worse.

Yeah, that offense doesn’t have anything in common with the Rams offense, which is predicated on guys getting open, not winning jump balls.

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Stafford finding the open guy, as opposed to giving him the right target to go to pre-snap, is not his forte.

I think “winning jump balls” is a severe oversimplification.

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Stafford Derangement Syndrome

Ad hominem, how effective…

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Well, let’s see what Az-Hakim and Schroeder are doing, they should be cheap.
Seriously, what’s Aaron Rodgers problem. Whiny ass, prima Donna.
His problem is that he doesn’t have the talent around him, and the coaching staff can’t scheme well enough to make up the difference!

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Wow, dude, you were a Harrington fluffer?

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a problem. 25 TD to 2 INT is not awful.

Packers’ problem was defense. If they had a better defense, they have 9/10 wins this year.

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Yeah, that’s why we shut them out week 17 :roll_eyes:

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You’re really offering up a meaningless game featuring 2 already dead teams as evidence?

It was clear, at least to me, that the Packers didn’t give 2 shits about winning that game or even scoring points.

And I HATE the Packers. Hate hate hate. But I felt only superficial joy because it was in no way a meaningful game.

In fact, by losing, the Packers screwed us out of about 3 draft spots.

Pyrrhic Victory.

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Prove it!:rofl:

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