Time to road grade the Broncos

While Denver has been better against the run lately, they are still dead last in the league. Gives up an average of 144 rushing yards per game and over 160 yards per game on the road. The Lions need to do what they do best……RUN THE DAMN BALL. Hopefully Johnson doesn’t get into “I’m the smartest guy in the room mode.” Run the ball until Denver stops it. That should set up the play action pass as well. Come on Ben, don’t over think this.


I agree.

And I’m really over the “Sean Payton is a genius” stuff. He’s a fine coach, who has had two Hall of Fame QBs to work with, and when he hasn’t, he’s just be OK. And more than half the time they won the NFC South, half the division was in shambles.

I think this is exactly what we will see. Getting back to what we are good at. Run the ball, and set up our passing game off that.

I think we win this game easily if we take care of the football. Denver has been winning because they are forcing a lot of turnovers. Once the turnovers dry up, they are not going to be a very good team.

Run the ball and no turnovers. Get that attitude back by running the ball and hitting them in the mouth.


I’d venture to say DMo never lost that attitude. It’s been Ben and whatever it is he’s trying to do that doesn’t include the term “running the ball effectively”. Either way, I agree with your point.


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Agreed! Dont turn the ball over and they win this.

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It’s Saturday Night Smackdown Let’s Whip Their Candy Asses !
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Run the ball
Run the ball some more
Lions strength
Keep their offense on the sidelines

Sometimes coaches over think things
Agree with all that had been said here


I often feel they use Montgomery too much. I would be a psycho all game long if I placed that bet


Who was the other hof qb besides Brees?

I am calling it!

Gibbs for 120 yards 1 td
With 2 runs over 30 yards just remember being at that MNF game and he was amazing! Prime time Gibbs!

Monty 85 yards 2 TD

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Would’ve been way easier if lions didn’t have a clown OC

185 yards

Your wish was granted

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