TJ Going Nuts; Lions Game Plan; Tori Petry Bonus

Couple short team shows to pass time in the bye week. I didn’t know LGP existed. Tori stuff at bottom.



Shout out to Tori Petry(former Gator/Miss FL contestant) She does a great job here! How does a FL pick a a team so far North?

I didn’t know there was a women’s semi pro football team or league in Detroit… Apparently Tori played for them… Not the LFL!

Hope we win a SB with her onboard here before she ends up as a SL reporter for the NFL or some Network.

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Tori is really good and has the personal and professional creds. She won’t be here long but enjoy it while you can. Great talent.

Yeah, I know she’s cute too…

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Yea, not one that’ll be easily replaced. Maybe TJ Lang can take over lol…

Tori even had 2 Emmy nominations.

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Wow - you go Tori! New respect for her – always liked her demeanor/skills.

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