TJ Lang injured in the 4th

Seen the back of his head bounce off the turf on the failed pitch in the 4th. Expecting him to miss more time. He should hang em up. When the concussions start piling up, you gotta think about your future.

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I wonder if he’s on the team next year. So good when healthy but man those hits he’s been taking…

I wonder what the dead cap hit is if we cut him versus him retiring

I wonder if he’s on the team next week. If he has another concussion, he needs to be done!

Well, next year is the final year of his deal. There’s about 2.7 mil prorated from his signing bonus hitting the cap next year whether he’s here or not. Between a Roster Bonus and Salary, he’s another 9.2 mil if he’s on the roster. Had he been healthy each year he was here, I’d imagine he’d be back. Considering his age and injury history, now including 2 concussions in 3 weeks, numbered as 10 or more total, I can’t imagine he’ll be back.

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I agree. He’s done as a lion. He can’t stay healthy. We need an upgrade from Wiggins at guard. The line looks like a wreck right now with Decker’s play and Wagner getting abused.

Ugh. 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.

I expect the Lions to move on from Lang. He’s a vocal leader on the OL and that’s not easy to replace. I think we will have to be players in FA to get a viable replacement.

Ali Marpet, Shaq Mason and Quentin Spain are all free agents next year.

Marpet seems like he’d be a good for here. Mason is a road grader and is coming from NE so I could see that.

Was Lang blocked in the back on that fumble recovery? I was at the game and didn’t notice it at the time since my head was in my hands.

I agree with others that he needs to hang them up. If he does decide to keep playing, I can’t imagine it will be as a Lion.

His personal long term health is more important than continuing his career. I hope the Lions put him on IR if he indeed has another concussion.

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I don’t think so. I think he was chasing the ball carrier and tried to get a stop. Instead, he rolled around and banged the back of his head on the turf.