TJ Lang on Pat Mcafee show talking FA

It’s a cool little blurb that mentions how he thinks Rodgers resigning might have changed the lions and the rest of the division’s mindset in regards to immediate success. Seems to think that 9-10 wins is possible….but competing for a division against Green Bay is still a year or two away.


If we won 2 games, we’d be picking first! Common TJ, we won 3 games and tied 1. Don’t you forget it, lol.


Word to ya MF’n Mutha!!!

10 wins!
Still a year out from our playoff run, but we will possibly sneak into a first round exit, this year.
*UNLESS Jack Fox gets significantly more playing time. :wink:

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If this staff is not planning to compete for the division just because Aaron Rodgers is back, then we have the wrong staff.

TJ Lang does not speak for the coaches. :wink:

They can plan for it all they want, they won’t be doing it though. lol

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