TJ's TD drop

Why wasn’t this a TD? I thought the new rule for endzone catches is possession–>2 feet down–>TD. I haven’t watched a replay after the game ended, so my memory might not be correct, but I thought he had possession, 2 feet down, hit the ground and the ground caused the ball to pop out. By the old CJ rule that would be a drop, but I thought this was changed again.

The only time I saw TJ in the endzone, he had the football bounce off/through both hands and he didn’t make the catch…no score.

They didn’t really change the CJ rule, they just clarified some of the wording to try to help people understand it better. It wasn’t a TD.

Tried to catch it blind. EG79VWjXYAAngt8


Must be a new defensive technique, pretty effective.

Hand To The Face

All in one play

But yeah TJ sucks for not catching that right Cub???

That’s what you call, “home cooking”, right there!

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If you follow the shots through on this, you see that it is genuinely a facemask that prevents Hock from turning to see where he is. Notice how the db has a grip on it and how the helmet is already skewed on TJ’s head.

As we tallied the officiating offenses Tuesday, I wasn’t counting this one. After seeing it on gamepass today and with 2 refs in position to call it, I’m calling this a bad non-call, too.

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Absolutely. And it changed a touchdown to a field goal so all these guys and the Packer fans could blame the Lions for not getting touchdowns and having to kick field goals