TMZ has video of Tua working out with no hitch in his giddy-up

We need NewYorkLion in here to tell us why this is meaningless according to some orthopedist he knows. STAT!

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Sure thing Spiel54man …100% meaningless …Unless you were concerned that he would never shuffle his feet again or be able to slide step and that was the concern you had for Tua going forward for a long NFL career for Tua.

This means what exactly Spiel54man… enlighten me with your genius?

Tua a young athletic kid shows he is still athletic…to what degree , what’s your measuring stick?

He is the same? Show me the side by side of him doing this pre-injury and compare …any difference ?

Same velocity on the ball ? Same accuracy ?

This video shows you he will be durable and absorb hits and be okay, short term and more importantly long term?
The risk is worth it based on the investment needed to obtain him?

Ignore precedent ? Is Pitta the precedent or is the precedent that only one player has ever played after suffering similar injury.

The one player…ONE…Dennis Pitta who came back from this (His initial injury was not as bad) proceeded to have the same injury occur two more times and both times it happened again, it happened on plays that involved no contact and be out of football and retire…

Spiel54man answer the above then explain to me what this video means to you ?

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These videos show very little actually!

Epic steps lol


It’s the same, good as new …trust me :wink:

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I have to agree with explanation and observations of this post from NYL.

Just because we see a video of Tua throwing the football and doing some light footwork, doesn’t mean he is just as capable as he was prior to injury.

One thing that is certain, is with all the metal in this mans body, and what the injuries were in it self, we all know he will NEVER be 100%. (as good as he was prior to injuries)

He may be able to play again. But with all the repairs, there has to be some regression somewhere. Only time will give us those answers.


I’m rooting for the kid , seems like a real nice kid as well who caught a miserable break on his path to the NFL .
He may go early …hell maybe even to us … if he does go early it’s because a GM has huge balls & because the $22-$25 Million he would get does not resemble the Stafford deal in 2009, worth $78 Million with $42 million in guarantees.

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