TNF - bears at Commanders

Looking for the Bears to get beat.

But you never know….

What I do know is five more losses makes nine and they are out of playoff contention!! Giving us only 14 to deal with for the first seed!!

With empathy, I want the bears to lose but not get a total ass kicking…. We know how that feels too well imho!!

I mean I get where you are coming from but I just can not muster and empathy for any other NFL team. As a Lions fan I feel like we have suffered more than any fan base and have like about 50 years of domination before we are required to worry about the greater good.

Don’t care who wins. Though, I must be entertained.


William Clay Ford shared the same attitude for 50 years.


I am almost hoping the Bears win in case there is tiebreaker for playoff positioning. But honestly I think the Bears are just a big black hole of suck this year.

I want bears to win. Dont want them getting a top pick and actually getting a real qb. Also dont want that dumpster fire of a gm and head coach to lose their jobs and have them luck into good gm and coaching.


@mojofilterx started a thread about rooting for the Bears…
and though I usually would not do so…. I can see the logic.

I really don’t want the Bears to have 2 top 5 picks in the next draft… but they currently have the top 2 picks!!!

That could be Caleb and Marvin Harrison Jr. in our division for a decade.

I want a Bears win today. They shouldn’t be a threat to the Lions for the division… or even a wild card… so I do want them to get a few wins…. maybe even enough to keep Poles around. I think Wverflus might be toast already though.

After this weekend… I will also be rooting for the Panthers to pull out some wins. It’s not a great thought… but is necessary.

I am hoping the Raiders end up with the #1 OA…
keeping Caleb in the AFC… and even in the division with Mahomes.


Good points….

So let them win just enough to not make the playoffs, but also help us in our seeding and not get a top draft pick!!

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You two have swayed me!

Let the commanders die!’

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Exactly why I want the Bears to get crushed.
What do I care about the Commies? Week 19 is the soonest they can have an impact on our season, and, lets be real, the Commies won’t be playing week 19.

How much fail can we cram into one stadium? Stick around to find out!

I don’t think that my relatives in Chicago would like it if I told them I want Da Bears to win just enough games to have a shittier draft pick, while still losing both games against the Lions.

It doesn’t sound as though Caleb is interested in playing for the bears.

He’s dreaming a bit in regards to playing for the Nines or cowboys. Realistically the only team here that may have a shot at him are the raiders. I don’t know if the giants are bad enough to draft that high and I’m hoping against hope that the vikes don’t get him

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He might make more in college in 2024…… on an AAV basis.
However… I would be surprised if he could top the $25.35 million in yearly cash that Bryce Young will make this season.

Staying another year in college also makes him wait an additional year before he can sign an extension that pays him $60+ million… which could be as early be as early as 2027 if he plays in the NFL next year.

He really should just wait to see how the draft order plays out before making all these demands. It isn’t a great look for him.

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Additionally, it is not like NFL players don’t have endorsement money. It really isn’t that close NFL vs college. No top pick is going to make more in college vs NFL imo (but who knows, maybe I am wrong).

Now a second/third round pick who won’t have the endorsements of someone like Williams I agree they could make more for that one year additional year in college.

good point… especially if Caleb repeats as the Heisman winner from USC. Add in the #1 OA pick hype… and he could make a fortune in endorsements.

IMO… he would be smart to wait until the season ends… and if Chicago has the #1 OA pick… then tell them who he would like as a coach. If they don’t hire a guy he likes… then I could him pulling the “Manning Move” to try to force a trade.

I’d still declare. Take their money.
Can still force a trade later if he really wants out.

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Watching paint dry will likely be more entertaining than this game.

I predict a 20-20 tie with 2 missed field goals in OT.


So if he goes back to school for a year, he’s just going to be subject to whomever has the top pick then. That’s how the draft works Caleb. Maybe the Bears, maybe not. It won’t be Niners, Vikings or Dallas (OK it might be the Vikings)

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Or plenty of snake handlers/gummies so you are asleep early on…

I want them to get their ass beat.

I don’t understand that. You always want your divisional opponents to lose.

lol that would be an epic. What would be more awesome is a 0-0 score in OT…lol


When Fields is playing 0 points is impossible, he always spots the other team a pick 6 or a fumble return TD. That’s a given. Sometimes he spots them 2 TD’s.

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