To be or not to be ............starts Mon

No more excuses of the lack of conditioning of our def line starters in preseason. Parity is the theme in today’s NFL so we have a chance. The offensive juggernauts, Rams and Chiefs, from last year are no longer juggernauts. The Patriots and 49ers win the first quarter title of SB favorites. Looks like def is the deciding factor again. Lions must prove they are not pretenders tomorrow. Our D-line is the key. It still hasn’t played to our preseason expectations but if it improves when Hand and Bryant come back then we are legit contenders in a tough division. We may be good but are we good enough to get out of our division? I hope we are but our def play for the rest of the season will determine it. Lets hope Patricia is indeed the defensive genius and not just a follower of Belichick.


It’s almost like there are 3 teams head and shoulders above everyone else. The Pats and Niners have great coaching and defense. The Seahawks have Russell Wilson. Other than a few really awful teams, it’s wide open for everyone else.

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Have to put the Saints in there too.

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Saints have been winning ugly while waiting for Drew to return

Interestingly enough their fans are quite happy with Ugly Ws

Imagine if Patrick Mahoney went down and the Chiefs were able to win ugly. That includes good defense and a running game. And while you are racking up those wins, you know you have a HOF QB getting ready to come back and lead the charge.

If I were a Saints fan (and I know plenty of them), I’d be happy too.

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Yep. All they need to do is hang close for now

So far, I see them coming out of the NFC