To TE or not TE, That is the question

pump the brakes for I am not saying “with our first pick.” @ #3 or anything like that. we could go thee Harrison Bryant route, he’s a hulking TE @ 6’5 242 out of Florida Atlantic to pair with Hock & Logan…

What are they doing with James?

Brate is a FA I think. James would be a giant hit, like 8million, I think he stays. So is Kyle Rudolph.

He’s pretty uncap friendly to cut (James). We have Hock, James and Nauta. I’d resign Thomas if they need to roll with 4 TE’s, but use a draft pick one? Can’t do it. Not when we targeted Danny Amendola 97 times in 15 games.


I brought this up a month or so ago and was told draft and TE were not allowed in the same sentence… lol

I do not believe that TE is completely off the table. The group grossly underperformed and out best receiving TE is a FA and he’s not expected to resign. Nauta is the next man up and expected to step in. I liked Nauta and was glad we got him. I like his upside.

However I think the Lions could go TE at some point as insurance.

They’re stuck with him until 2021.

Personally I do not think he’s the problem. He had his worst year of his career here. Personally I’m not sold Bevell’s scheme is good at involving the TE.

Air that’s my thinking also. I remember when Graham was there, I always thought when watching them, not sure why they don’t involve Graham more. I just don’t think he leans on his TEs like MP does.

Still valid lol!!!

Well…to be frank, I’m not sure how Hock lasts. second, I’m none of our TE’s were stellar, so I’m at a wait and see phase about who shows up there.