***Today vs GB - Official Game day thread ***

Talent wise, I think Detroit is the better team. Unfortunately they can’t close out games, and teams use us as their “get right” game.

BUT, if Detroit ends up winning today, you are going to see some real panic in GB. 4-5 makes for a salvageable season. 3-6 is much harder to comeback from with that roster

Unfortunately I have zero faith that the Lions can win today. Most likely this will be a get right game for GB.


I will save you sometime today game starts out Lions get a lead play well home crowd is into it.Instead of scoring a TD to finish the half and settle for a FG up 10 at half.They come out flat in the 3rd offense forgets how to play football and they lose by 3.


Yep Baby Jerry GIF by MOODMAN


I feel like I’ve seen this movie before

To make this happen we have to lose.


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Check this out!

NFL Stats
Most 20+ yard passing plays this season…

Patrick Mahomes - 32
Jalen Hurts - 30
Josh Allen - 29
Jared Goff - 29
Davis Mills - 28
Russell Wilson - 28
Joe Burrow - 27
Tom Brady - 26
Aaron Rodgers

Tied with Josh Allen. Imagine what he could do if his top 5 receivers had been healthy the last 4 games?


This is my 2022 strategy for playing the Packers:

Lose twice for Bryce.


Imo GB is also in tank mode…they’re gonna go full vanilla, but the Lions will go balls out and win a game that will utlimately hurt right in the beans.

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I’m still not sold on Bryce


Hoping for a tie in the LV/Jax game.

I know that preseason schedule expectations never turn out as they seem, but this year the difference between expected and actual is really quite severe.

Before the season I’d seen the Lions as estimated to have a top 5 easiest schedule. Instead our opponents are 38-17 meaning our average opponent so far has been approximately a 12-5 team. Our opponents so far have a winning percentage of .690 which is an astonishing 39% more difficult than Pitt’s schedule last year which lead the league at .574.

If you told me two months ago thatI Green Bay in week 8 would have a worse record than any of our opponents up to that point I wouldn’t have believed you.


Watch the Packers lose out and draft Bryce Young at 1 securing another 15 years of high end Qb play.


Or they draft in the 10-15 spot and take the 4th QB off the board who goes on to be an HOF’er, it is the way.

Next year is a better year for QB’s, but, we want this years Willis because we didn’t take Willis last year.

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Easily the best chance they have to win until after Thanksgiving.

That said, they have shown absolutely no sign of being able to stop a passing game. Rodgers could go off today.

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He even practiced this week.
Can you imagine the damage to his psyche if the Lions beat him, today?


I think that is true and that’s good news if we miss out on Bryce. I might even trade Goff in the offseason in that case to help the tank along.

And we bitch that the Fords don’t care about winning.:frowning: