Today was a step back but

Ok, just got back from Christmas Eve dinner (good timing to get my mind off of today’s debacle) which gave me an opportunity to reset and keep the Lions situation in perspective.

While today was an obvious disaster, I think it might serve as a good lesson that could make them stronger. We need to keep in perspective that this still a very young team with some noticeable flaws that were bound to get exposed at some point. I’m not going to say that the 6-1 stretch was fools Gold because the Lions played some legitimately good football in the last 7 games but there was also some good fortune involved and I think it also raised some fan expectation to unreasonable levels that the team just isn’t ready to meet quite yet.

The reality is that the team is still developing but the positive besides the long term effect that this season turnaround could have is that the playoffs are still within striking distance. They’re in the same spot they were this morning, needing 1 loss by Washington and Seattle to control destiny. Even if they don’t get out of town help, it’ll be a big test for their character to see how they bounce back these last two games. If they let this game destroy them mentally and finish the season on a low note, the 6-1 stretch will almost be for naught but if they can bounce back from this dreadful performance and finish strong, it’s big time momentum headed into the off-season playoffs or not. I’ve already put the Carolina loss behind me so let’s go Lions. I hope the rest of the fanbase voices their support and backs this team despite what happened today because they’ve earned some rope IMO.


Well said @NYLion59 . This is my exact mindset. On to Chicago. Fans made it crazy at 1-5 and have all year so you KNOW they’re going to make it crazy next week.

Had a stinker of a game. So what? Let’s go. Handle your business and let’s see how far you can go. Detroit vs. Everybody.


Much like the Jaguars did after the beatdown by the Lions, I see this team bouncing back against the Bears next week; however, the tale of the tape will be how they perform against the Packers in the finale–regardless of whether there is a playoff birth on the line or not.

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Even is we miss out on the playoffs, this has still been a good season overall. They need to finish with at least one win in their last 2, but if they do that they’ll pretty much have matched preseason expectations after a 1-6 start where everyone was calling for heads.

Playoffs year 2 would mean we are way ahead of schedule, but we aren’t behind schedule if we miss them either.


Lions win out and they triple their wins from last year. I don’t know if even the most optimistic fan had the Lions realistically winning 9…or even 8 games.


We’ll I would say that if the Lions win 8 or 9 games, the posters that predicted that were actually pretty realistic.

@BigNatty did

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I predicted 7 and show progress, so I’m already there. Rest is house money.


Told my son that the proper response to this game is to analyze what the Panthers did to expose our weaknesses, take corrective action, then flush the game tape. Don’t let one game undo the momentum

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