Todd Bowles evidently

… still doesn’t think Cooper Kupp is very fast.

Treated him like an overrated slot guy. Let’s go ahead and single cover him when the game is on the line. It’s not like Kupp had a very good year.


Live by the sword, die by the sword.

In contrast, you have Frasier playing the deep field and sidelines, where KC carved them up. (Note to Frasier, that doesn’t work when the opponent is sitting on 3 timeouts, LOL.)

It’s hard to be perfect on Defense in hurry-up. Teams were exposed this week.

Blitz, you pay.
Rush 3, you pay.


He chose to blitz and Stafford and Kupp made him pay for it.

It’s a simple as that.


A free release for Kupp was just dumb. Like Lions dumb. Was awesome though. Such great games yesterday.


Sort of ironic that Suh got the QB hit and Stafford got the last laugh.


Yea I was shouting for stafford to go say something to Suh lol.

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Beasley is over rated . Kupp is a good kid and best wr in the league . Some of his 3 way moves are all because of his hard work

But hindsight is still undefeated!


lol, Staff still has a game to play! That might have been bad for his health

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Blazing, dude. Blowing fools away! Love it.


@Nate It’s post like this that highlight the need for a laughing emoji.


Blitzing the guy covering Kupp deserves to be criticized though. A free release at that time of the game? Knowing Stafford isn’t a speed scrambler blitzing up the middle seems like a MUCH better choice to me.

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What do lions fans know about dumb football? Our guys have been sharpening their shovels for decades and look at that excellent product we get to see on Sundays and those impressive performances on Thanksgiving.

Being a life long Lions fan I consider myself a connoisseur of dumb football.


You got a lot of experience, we all do! Remember when we took the wind in overtime! lol


I wonder what Apparently Kid would say about Todd Bowles playcall and lack of awareness of Cooper Kupp’s speed.


Evidently one of the Bucs players didn’t get the memo and literally didn’t blitz. Probably easy to identify on the film. Imagine being that guy in the room today …

backing up homer simpson GIF

One more man may have made the difference.

Still a dumb call.

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Maybe that guy was expecting a “toss it back and forth” kind of thing?


Yep. That should be our slogan … “We know dumb”.

Bucs appeared supremely confident they could shut him down with single coverage by whatever random player was across the line from him … including the last play that put him up to 185 yards receiving.

Astounding decision by Tod Bowles. I mean, one for the ages.


Correct, but the stupid part of the playcall was to have a safety on Kupp. Blitz the safety and have a CB on Kupp. So there is blame to be had on this play call

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