Todd Gurley visiting Detroit

Would be our RB3/Kerryon swap if he signs and makes the squad. Or if he makes it out of TC healthy for that matter.
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Vet minimum.

Not allowed on the field when we are running out the clock.


No thanks. I don’t like a three headed attack. I would rather let 2 running backs get into a groove. I would rather have Swift and Williams combine for 100% of the carries.

It looked hard trying to incorporate Swift, Peterson, and Johnson last year.

Gurley actually has a pretty good history of getting down and running out the clock. So its weird that he screwed it up there. I can’t find an isolated clip of him doing it against us in 2018 or the time he broke free against the Cardinals and shut it down.


This would be a great signing imo.

If Swift or Williams gets hurt there’s next to nothing behind them other than the rookie we took in the 7th this year. Adding a guy of Gurley’s caliber as a depth guy makes a ton of sense imo.

I’d like this signing, if it happens. The Lions need another RB.


I like it. Definitely a sign to me that they want to compete this year. Man this OL has me excited.

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The 2021 Lions lack an ass kicking goal line back. Gurley is 225+ pounds and he can hold on to the football. He can take the beating in those circumstances and he can score.

I think I see what Holmes is thinking. 2nd and goal from the 2. Who would you rather give the ball too, Swift, Jamaal Williams, our 7th rd back or Gurley?


I saw this and immediately thought “how many ways can I say no?” Now I’m kind of liking it. As long as Swift gets enough touches to be top 5 in rushing, because I hope Gurley and Williams’s roles are similar.

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Originally my thought when I saw the tweet.
Warming up a bit though.
Probably the best fit for someone like Gurley. Keeps his knees fresh not being a focal point. In turn, that could benefit us on his 5 or so touches a game (my assumption).

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I tend to agree. I don’t have much faith in either Rakeem Boyd or Dedrick Mills being any better than a Tion Green type solution.

I’d say no because he’s not the future, could end up being disgruntled with such a limited role, hasn’t played special teams, and would inhibit the acclimation process of JJ who should be fine in short yardage with his size and elite vision.


Will turn 27 right before the season starts. He’s got an injury history, but for a low salary, would be a great signing


I just don’t think he has anything left. I think a rookie or UDFA can step in and do just as well.

But if he’s cheap he wouldn’t be so bad as a vet/coach on the field type.

We’ll see what happens, but I don’t like the “let’s sign a ton of ex-Rams” direction. Brockers and Goff could be independently justified. For the right price and right limited role, I suppose Gurley could be, too. However, the “three points make a trend” aspect is concerning, as is the potential for Peterson-like siphoning of touches from more effective backs.


That’s a concern.

Free agent Todd Gurley is visiting the Lions Thursday.

This sure smells of new Lions GM Brad Holmes, who was in the Rams’ front office while Gurley was with L.A., doing Gurley a favor. The Lions already have D’Andre Swift headed into his second season and signed Jamaal Williams earlier in the offseason. There’s no room for Gurley’s broken-down body in this backfield. Gurley has drawn zero free-agent interest up to this point. He turns 28 in August and just doesn’t have a lot left in his knees.


SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter

May 27, 2021, 1:27 PM ET

The Athletic’s Tori McElhaney said she doesn’t expect the Falcons to re-sign impending free agent Todd Gurley.

It was always unlikely the injury-ravaged veteran would return for a second season in Atlanta, where he served as a change-of-pace back in the season’s final month and a half. “It’s really difficult to justify Gurley staying,” McElhaney said, adding that it “may make more sense for the Falcons to look to the draft for a replacement if there is a running back on the table for them in the second or third round.” Gurley signed a one-year, incentive-laden contract with the Falcons last spring. Depending on where he signs, Gurley – who had the 113th highest Pro Football Focus grade among running backs in 2020 – will be little more than a late-round pick in fantasy drafts next summer.

SOURCE: The Athletic

Feb 11, 2021, 1:06 PM ET


Todd Gurley rushed nine times for 18 yards in the Falcons’ Week 17 loss to the Buccaneers.

Gurley ended his 2020 season with a dreadful whimper. He lacked any semblance of burst or agility all year and routinely looked worse than both Ito Smith and Brian Hill

Well at least if we sign him we already know he’s capable of winning us games.


The issue with having a guy like Gurley on the roster is dressing him on Sundays. He will not play special teams. His role will be very, very limited I assume.

I think Gurley would be around in case we cannot develop a goal line back to take the pounding and score TDs.

Remember way back to 2012 the Lions were not very good. But we were 2-3 after a BIG win versus Philly that went into OT the week before. We had a shot to get some momentum going. Then we went to Soldier Field and we lost 13-7. But late in the 3rd quarter we had a 2nd and goal from the 1 and Bell screwed up and lost a fumble reaching out to score. The Lions went on to lose 13-7 with a late Lions TD but we had that game if we had a better Eed Zone back. The Lions actually won the next three games to make it to 4-4 at the midpoint but they should have been 5-3 before the bottom fell out. That was the Texans Thanksgiving game year.

Having a good goal line back matters but it is a luxury. Gurley would have to beat out the rookie to dress on Sundays. Seems like a strange decision to look in his direction at this point.

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We need another wr more than we need a RB


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