Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy is a receiver I’m predicting could have a much bigger role this year. I could see him being great in the slot and I feel like nobody is thinking about him right now. I would personally feel more comfortable signing a more established slot receiver to handle the slot role…

But I’m curious how you guys think about Kennedy in the slot this year? Let’s hope he at least makes some great competition for the spot.

He’s always been a project but really he can’t seem to get off the PS and be a permanent option.

Personally I think that experiment ends this offseason. I am of the belief that true talent shows flashes and is hard to keep sidelined.

If Kennedy makes the 53 man roster, that’s probably not a good sign.

I don’t disagree with you guys. But Matt Nelson was a project and I thought he looked like he belonged last year when he played. I’m also excited to see what he brings to the team. But I don’t think Nelson will be a starter. Just a good backup for now at least.

When it comes to Kennedy, I think he has the physical attributes to be a good slot. He was a rugby player so we know he has the mental demeanor to be tough In the middle. This is year 3 (I believe) for him so I agree this is a make it or break it year. But if he makes the team then I think that goes to show that the staff sees something in him.

I believe Kennedy could do punt return and special team duties as well.

If I was a betting man, I would say he probably doesn’t make the team. But I am interested to see if Goff and Kennedy connect in camp and preseason.

That’s my point when I made the comment talent shows. In Nelson’s case he was a converted DL and was extremely raw for an OT but his talent showed.

When I said this about Kennedy what I meant was that when he was given snaps his talent never really translated to the field.

He’s athletic but there’s a lot more to being a WR than athleticism. He’s always been a pet project for the Lions and I think it’s time to move on.

The kid is signed for 2021 and he’s going to get another preseason but I think he better show something this year or he’s done.

Personally I don’t think he makes it.

It’s a new staff and Goff made a living with Cooper Kupp, so Kennedy being a small piece this year isn’t that far fetched. He showed enough to hang around the PS for a couple years while acclimating to the pros. Might could.


This is the only Tom Kennedy I can recall - Ex-Game Show host of “You Don’t Say”, a very popular show back in the day - GOALPOST

Pretty sure he was an outstanding lacrosse player in college.

Cooper Kupp was a 3rd round pick and started as a rookie. The only thing similar about Kupp and Kennedy is that they are both white.

Their last names start with K too…

Haha fair enough.


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