Tommy Eichenberg retuning to school

Wow! I really didn’t think he was going to come back for another year. I also really hope CJ Hicks doesn’t look elsewhere for a playing opportunity because he was supposed to start this upcoming season and he’s really good.

It’ll be interesting to see what he does next year.

It’s not totally shocking since he probably wasn’t gonna be a really high draft pick, but it is a little surprising. Then again I’m always surprised when guys go back to school.

That NIL money is getting good!!

Trust me, he is not where our very small amount of NIL money is going.

Now you got me interested…a school like OSU doen’t have big NIL money!? Serious question.

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I know right?!?!

I’m not saying we don’t have any, because we do, and we are using more of it than Michigan, but we are severely behind the top spenders when it comes to NIL and I’m not really sure why. We clearly have donors with enough money that can make us a top NIL destination, but that’s just not the route they’re taking.

Ryan Day doesn’t publicly come out and ask for more NIL money if he doesn’t need it really badly. The people who are already big donors must have told him no behind closed doors.


I don’t think the purests aren’t very comfortable with NIL.
The folks down south have no problem with it, and we can all probably guess why.