Top 10 lions passing yards leaders

Before looking see if you can name them.

Write them down 1st - 10th. I tried and came close.

I missed #10 and had a couple in the wrong order.

Let’s see how close you can get.

Also I think this shows how poor the Lions QB situation has been and how hard it is to find a good one.

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I missed three… I suck.

And to think… Matt was out for his first two seasons… if he had dropped 3500-4000 each of those yrs as well as produced the same the rest of the way?!


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Yeah - we have a fantastic QB, but the window of opportunity is shrinking (getting older).

I figure we’ve got about 5 years to get a SB. I see that as very doable.

Inserting Swift into an already solid O should be very interesting. Will help keep the D off the field as well. May need a little luck with new OL gelling. In theory, they’ve upgraded in talent and depth. Disclaimer - I also thought that when we added Lang and Wagner. Different direction with lots of youth and health. Let us see how this thing shakes down.

Holy shit am I ever thankful for Matt though. Love our QB


Yeah but you love everybody. :crazy_face:

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LOL - there’s truth to that. Thanks for the laugh, man!

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Look around the league. The Bears are starting Nick Foles, Rivers in Indy, Minshew in Jax, Darnold in NY, Jones in NY, Haskins in Was, Teddy in Car, Allen in Buf, Carr in Vegas, Mayfield in Cle, Tannehill, Trubisky, Cousins, Dak.

Trade Stafford straight up for anyone of those guys and we get way worse. I’ve never understood how anyone can watch Stafford play and blame him for anything wrong with the Lions. He has the same career for any of those other organizations and he’s a god. Only in Detroit. Maybe Cleveland.


Completely agree. Wait until this season is underway. Now #9 has a legit starting RB, and an actual NFL caliber OC. Shit’s about to get real, men!


Yeah but the flip-side to that coin is, what has Matt won that these other guys haven’t?

I do like Stafford but it does make you wonder, how many years and excuses are we going to come-up with for him not even winning us a playoff game!!!..and how many years do you pay a guy to keep not winning playoff games or anything substantial?

Contrary to belief, not every QB has a great O-line, great running game, and/or great WR’s and a great OC.

Right, but what combination of RB, OL, WR and OC. We can say with certainty, no OC outside of Linehan years until Bevell (1/2 season). OC is probably the biggest deal, followed by OL. Now consider OL - historically bad, most of Matt’s career. RB? Same. Yup, he’s had some good WRs. Matt has spent the majority of his career with 1 or none of the above, rarely 2, and until now, never 3.

Ridiculously stacked against him. Just my opinion.

Idk, I hate to compare Stafford to Brady but you put Stafford on the New England Patriots teams and I don’t think New England is as successful.
And you can do that with a lot of winning teams and I don’t think they are as successful with Stafford.
Do you think Houston goes to the playoffs with Stafford as their QB?..what about Seattle?..I just don’t see it.

There are some situations, where a mobile QB just works better in a particular system. Like Houston, Baltimore. Aside from just a few, I totally disagree w/you.

Usually we’re on the same page but not with Matt.

I really hate these types of arguments because they are completely opinion based and your going to see what you want to see in those scenarios. I think he has success in most of those situations.

When you look at the history of QB’s who win. None have done it with the few recourses that Stafford has had to work with. It really is criminal how poor the talent has been around him.

I believe comparing Matt to Rogers, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Big Ben, Flacco, etc. that if you had plugged Stafford into those teams he wins too. But that’s just my opinion.


Your opinion is correct…cuz it aligns with MINE :wink:

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Agree with you both…

I would love to go to the bizzaro world like Superman and watch Matt crush teams as the QB for pats or Pitt…

And to add to the hype… I love where are, finally, with Bevell… why? Because if he stay here like his last to OC jobs… He will be the major driver imho on who we get to succeed Matt… he literally hand picked Wilson and I trust him on whoever we get next in line as well!

But I would prefer Matt getting at least one SB ring: he’s already earned it imho!


My response was in reply to @BigNatty about Matt not having a RB, O-line, OC, etc.
When you look at these other teams, they lack a lot of those things too.
The Texans last year had Carlos Hyde as their lead RB and Duke Johnson added 410 yards on the ground. DeAndre Hopkins caught 104 passes, beyond him was Will Fuller with only 11 games and49 catches, and Kenny Stills with 40. That WR group seems great but the numbers they put-up weren’t.
They’re O-line ranked 20th, the Lions ranked 11th.
Watson completed 67.3%, 26 TD’s, and only 12 TD’s…not to mention what he can do with his legs…do you really think if Stafford was QB on that team instead that they faired that much better?

Per my above post, there are a few scenarios where a mobile QB will be more successful.

asterisk - mobile QBs often decline quickly, even when they are bigger than the LBs like B-Roth and Cam. Still efefective, but not what they used to be.

asterisk to asterisk - OL ranking is largely attributable to Bevell, IMO. He makes them look a lot better than they actually are. OC matters a lot.

Again, JBC had success early-on and everybody was fawning all over him as the OC too.
I’d like to plug Stafford in at QB in Pitt and New England too and so you guys would see that he’d fall short of what Big Ben or Brady did with those teams. I mean, you’re trying to replace great QB’s with someone that hopefully might be as good in those situations…and what does Stafford bring to the table that Big Ben or Brady don’t?..“he can throw sidearm” or he has an “elite throwing skill”, so what. Brady and Ben demand their teams respect, come-up big when needed, and are winners, you can’t just remove them and think that this QB over here that’s never won anything and never beats winning teams will equal or surpass what they did.

I doubt he would be AS successful as well.

Yet, he could win a playoff game(s) and a superbowl in NE and still not be AS successful yet still be considered a success. :grinning:

And that’s where guys like Wilson and Watson have the whole package and can run for a first down when needed. Having that aspect added to your game can mean more than having an “elite arm”.
You take those guys out of those systems and put a guy with a little better arm but can’t run, and it’s a net loss.

That’s exactly what I said. But are Matt’s decision making and ball placement skills & leadership qualities superior. I’m guessing you think not. I disagree. Cool

We agree on some of it, and disagree on others. This is America, brother. You have the right to be wrong AF if you want! :wink: