Top 10 lions passing yards leaders

And it’s ok to disagree and I respect what you’re saying.

I just look at Green Bay’s roster and think we’re better than them (most years) and yet Rodgers makes them a lot better than anyone else would. I just don’t think you can remove one of the greatest QB’s ever and plug-in Stafford and expect to see better results.

And I’m not saying that what Stafford has around him is great or even good-enough most years…but I think that of GB and NE a lot of years too and they still win.
Look at who Brady had around him on offense last year and his O-line…and yet they go 12-4. Mostly in part to their defense but Brady still threw 3 TD’s to every 1 interception…As a team they rushed for 3.8 yards a carry, the next WR after Edelman had 29 receptions…and yet Brady still gets it done.
But, but, but…he didn’t have a great O-line, he didn’t have a 1,000 yard rusher, he didn’t have enough weapons on offense, etc, etc…but they still ranked 7th in scoring…but yeah, plug Matt in and they’d be so much better!!!..I just don’t see it.

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Factor in coaching, officiating, and OL. :wink:

Coaching, OL, and the fact that the system has been in place for 2 decades. Matt = new system every 3 years, and massive turnover and incompetence. Apples to mountains comparison. Not even flirting with an apples to apples comparison. Matt would win a ton in NE.

But Bevell brings-in his offense and Stafford has, what was going to be his best year (but that offense hasn’t been in place for 2 decades) had he not been injured…but remove Bevell from Seattle and insert Schottenheimer, who is on his 3rd team as an OC and Wilson’s #'s look just as good, if not better…wait, what!!!..Schottenheimer’s offense hasn’t been in place for 2 decades, Wilson can’t succeed!..anarchy, anarchy!

But, but, but…

we don’t make excuses . but there ARE reasons team- wide & Leadership-wide as to why we haven’t won ^!$@* in years. you say what has Matt won and i get what your saying BUT all over again what has the team won !?

We have expendable Owners that can yell they want to win , but don’t have a damn clue HOW to make The Lions win far more often…The “leaders” the Owners set in place have struggled mightily…
Matt Stafford is one guy on the entire team. HE messes up, he is not elite , and he makes the same kinds of errors that all NFL QB’s make.

But does Staffords’ accomplishments and stats shine ?? yes, well until you get to ask about playoffs and superbowls, then the entire team falls in that, WHY !? Leaders we had just had no IDEA how to make the Lions get a playoff let alone a damn bowl… and that’s not a Stafford stat & blame isn’t ALL his by himself.


We all know what comes out of the butt …butt…butt :wink:
Thanks for the reminder. :poop: :poop: :poop:

And yes - Zero excuses for this season. Never said there was.

I’m sure you can see where you are doing the same thing as me, only in the opposite direction. Maybe not.

Truth will reveal itself, and we will eventually see. Until then, I’ll be excited and anxious in anticipation…and you will be whatever energy you choose to be, through your lens, in your own energy of choice. Misery, sadness, and whatever else or fun, excitement, etc. Whatever works for you is none of my business.

Many people temper their enthusiasm because they are afraid of being let down. Not saying that is/isn’t you. I find life to be more fun when I live fully. Truthfully, just feeling grateful that it’s looking like we will have football this year.

Hope you have a good night, brother.

Since Andre Ware isn’t on this list, I have to ask this-

How did Joey Harrington suck so bad?

55%, 2 more picks than TDs as a Lion in 4 seasons…dammit. He looked the part at Oregon, he is bright…he didn’t have a terrible arm…that should at least translate into a 10+ yr career as a backup…clipboard guy…

Its hard to remember what he just didn’t get…

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The Texans offense ranked 12 last year in scoring with 23pts a game. The Lions ranked 18th with 21 pts a game. With Stafford out for 1/2 the season.

Hou was 9th in rushing offense with 125 yrds a game.

Det was 21st rushing offense with 103 yrds a game. With KJ gone 1/2 the season too.

The Lions passing offense ranked 10th last year and was better than Hou which ranked 12th.

Do you really believe that Houston’s offense wouldn’t have been better with Stafford at the helm?

Stafford has never had a top 10 run game to support him. Yet the Lions offense was near equal to Houston’s last year with a far worse run game and Stafford out for 1/2 the season.

The stats say Stafford would have been an upgrade for Hou.

So why did Hou make the playoffs?

A top 10 Run game. I’ve proven this before but teams with top 10 run games have a high playoff percentage.

Give Matt a consistent top10 run game and then let’s talk.


Joey couldn’t see the field and read the defense. I noticed it early in his rookie year and said to my wife that he’s never going to translate. He can’t read the field and find the open WR.

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@Air2theThrown - Always appreciate it, when you guys care enough to look this stuff up. I almost always learn from it.

I just can’t wait for the season. I truly do think almost all teams would be upgraded by swapping QBs with us. Even the ones that wouldn’t, if they’re thriving, Matt would too, even if not to the same extent (like in KC).

I believe Matt could lace 'em up with the best of 'em. I really think we’re about to find out. Got us a legit OC. It’s on, MFrz

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I think you can. Let me explain.

Rogers over the years has had the longest time to throw of any QB in the league.

Stafford has had one of the shortest times to throw of any QB in the league. Most years he was dead last. this is a testament to each teams OL play. Not to mention that a decent run game slows the pass rush.

Rogers completion percentage on short time to throw passes is actually lower than Matt’s. Meaning he completes fewer pass than Matt when under pressure

On the flip side Stafford when given a longer time to throw similar to what Rogers has the luxury of having. Stafford actually has a higher completion percentage than Rogers does. Interesting right?

This suggests Stafford would complete a higher percentage of passes than Rogers does if he played in GB.

In summary Rogers benefits greatly from having an OL that’s allowed to hold which in turn gives him a longer time to throw.

What people don’t realize is Brady, Stafford and Wilson consistently lead the league in completion percentages on passes with short times to throw. Which suggests they read the field quicker than the rest.


Me either - I honestly think the Lions have a great chance to have a top 10 run game. If they do then the odds of making the playoffs are high. Even inspite of the HC.

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OM Gawd. Won’t know how to act.

I think MP is improving too. DC is a large X-factor, IMO.

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And for the DC, I can only feel that the only way is up regardless… we can’t be that bad two yrs in a row?!


I have a hard time believing we will be that bad again. If we are MP should be fired.

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I also think some-no, many teams would be better with Stafford than their current QB. How many ‘successful’ QB’s could maintain their success playing quarterback in Detroit? I remember all of the quarterbacks on this list except for Lane and Plum so Stafford is by far the best Lions QB I’ve seen since the early '70’s. Some big name/high draft pick busts. Running QB’s can be an asset for sure, but for how long? Sooner or later it’s going to happen. They get hurt. Then they’ve lost their no. 1 ability, availability. An elite QB does his team no good sitting on the sidelines. That’s why I’m glad Stafford doesn’t run a lot.

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I think you are making a common mistake, that “time to throw” is a direct reflection on the O-line. This is not always a direct correlation when the QB has legs and some elusiveness, which Rodgers excels at. Stafford is not a statue but his running is much more labored and unnatural.

I also question the running game stat. It does seem important to have a running game but the running game has evolved into the short passing game to the RB’s. Instead of handing the ball off or pitching the ball, the plays have switched to over-hand throwing the ball just in case the ball is dropped, then it is a incomplete pass instead of a fumble. These quick passes to the RB’s might skew the “they read the field quicker than the rest” stat. I’m not saying that the rest of the teams in the NFL don’t do quick passes to their RB’s but teams without running games probably do it more.

Also, I think Matt has “all the tools” but he just seems to lack the same amount of “magic” that the really elite winning QB’s do. Yeah, he has some of that magic, to beat bad teams but he just doesn’t have the same amount of “magic” to make our bad teams become good teams. That’s a special trait that can’t really be measured.

And you and I can insert this guy onto this team or that team and say his stats would be better on another team but truth is, both QB’s can complete passes but one QB can complete a pass to an open receiver down the field and another QB can complete a couple yard pass and the receiver gains 5-10 yards and it shows the same on the stat sheet.

I like Matthew, I think he’s a good player for us. I don’t know if we keep just trying to build around him, that formula seems to work if you don’t have a QB named Brady, Brees, or Rodgers…but it’s not often that building a team around a QB that’s not an elite winner actually works. It almost worked for San Fran last year and it worked for Flacco a long time ago…but even he played like an elite winner that year.