Top 100 players who get separation?

Must be getting old, didn’t know that was a thing. Anyway, we don’t have any of them. Which is both sobering and not entirely surprising.

This has been an on going issue with Lions WR’s for several years now. Even before JBC was named OC.

What bugs me is we play a soft zone or off man coverage all the time. Even when we play press man on coverage usually isn’t very tight. Lawson is the only CB we have that plays consistently tight coverages. However Lawson never turns his head to play the ball so opposing QB’s will throw it anyway because they don’t fear a turnover. While our opponents play a tight press coverage on the Lions WR’s. Our opponents DB’s are far better than the Lions at playing the ball and breaking up passes.

I see two issues with the Lions WR’s.

We lack WR’s that are physical and that run great routes. Many of the Lions WR’s have limited route trees. Their breaks in and out of cuts aren’t crisp.

Galladay is the most physical WR we have. But his route running leaves a lot to be desired.

TJ just isn’t physical enough. He’s easily knocked off routes. His size makes him easier for DB’s to press.

M. Jones has enough speed to get behind defenders but he susceptible to press and struggles against DB’s who are physical with their hands.

Bottom line is the Lions lack a true possession type WR. A big physical WR who’s good at route running. They also need another deep threat guy to pair with MJ.

Bob Q. Has been looking hard at WR’s for the pasted few drafts. I think he’s going to have to put WR a higher priority this offseason. I think we will be adding some more WR talent via the draft and FA.

We should see what Anquan Boldin is up to these days.

But I agree with everything you said, which again, makes the trade of Golden Tate that much more insane. I’ve been trying to find avenues to cut Stafford some slack, and I’ve arrived at basically the findings of the writer: Stafford isn’t elite, but he’s certainly good. In some games, he’s great. But he’ll always need some help, and we’re not giving him any at the WR position; I mean, look at the weapons Matt Ryan has in Atlanta? That’s what our Matt needs.

Atlanta is also 4-7 and has lost the last 3…

3rd round pick…first and foremost. Second being a possibility of still signing him in the offseason. But yeah, a 3rd round pick for half a season rental in a season that everyone up top agrees is an evaluation year was too much to pass up on. I don’t think we trade him for much less.

Look at the weapons Bree’s and Goff have?

Bree’s has better WR’s than ours that don’t dress every week.

Fans want the Lions offense to look like that … then blame Stafford or JBC when it doesn’t. But the truth is that we do not have that kind of talent on our team.

The receivers weren’t to blame for that pick on Sunday.

That was all Stafford. He even admits he saw the guy creeping up and still threw it.

I was at the game. That play happened right in front of me. Jackson was 10 plus yards off that play. He wasn’t creeping up. He broke on that route long before Stafford released it. Jackson was sitting there waiting for it.

Jackson in an interview stated that he knew we liked to run that route a lot. He noticed in film study what to look for and had been waiting for us to run it. He did the same thing to Minni. He’s had four INTs on the year so far. Just a great play by a young player that won defensive player of the month.

I watched the entire play break down. If you have game pass watch it. No way would I put that INT on Stafford.

Why do you always make every post into a Stafford debate?

"“I saw him coming out of center field, just thought we’d outflank him,” Stafford said. “Thought Mike was out wider than he was, which was the truth. Just didn’t get it to him quick enough. (Jackson) did a good job undercutting it and made a great play.”

So no debate? You want it that you can make all the lame excuses you want (weapons, coaching, run game, blah blah blah) and nobody challenges it ever?

I suggest that if you don’t want a debate that you end your post with “case closed”. Then I know not to mess with it.

You do realize that your link supports what I said. Not what you said right?

This is a classic case of you see what you want to see.

You said he was creeping up. Which is not true at all. I stated he was 10 + yards off and broke on the route before Stafford released it.

You conveniently left off this part of the article that clearly supports exactly what I said happened.

“On the first pick, Stafford was looking left for tight end Michael Roberts. But safety Eddie Jackson read the play, anticipated the throw and jumped the route even before Stafford cut the ball loose.”

If you want to blame that on Matt so be it … it’s the QB’s job to shoulder blame… Stafford always will… Matt even said that Jackson made a great play. Even on the second pick it was obvious Roberts didn’t adjust his route. Matt summed it up as they weren’t on the same page. But the truth is that It’s the receivers job to adjust. But it’s the QB’s job to take the blame. No matter who’s fault it is.

There’s a stat called adjusted INT’s that NFL teams use. In those stats around 50% of all INT’s were the fault of the receiver, or another factor.

Don’t believe me? … here read this it should help you to understand.

Case closed !

Ok, I’m done with this discussion. This doesn’t mean you win. This just means I’m backing up off an enraged Stafford Wife…

Air wins :joy:

No way I can compete with him. I would be smart to just agree with him, whatever he says. My reading comprehension being poor and all…