Top 5, Bottom 5 (getting the jump on PFF)

Not sure how it’s all going to shake out, and I don’t even have 10 names to put on here, but:
Top 5

  1. LaPorta
  2. Sewell
  3. Goff
  4. St Brown
  5. Raymond

Bottom 5
5. Jacobs
4. Jones
3. Sutton

The silver lining today is DEFINITELY LaPorta making a Gronk-like play or two that TJ has never made.

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Josh Reynolds Top 5


You’re right.
Let’s make St Brown and Raymond tied for 5th and put Reynolds in at 4.

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Jerry Jacobs might take slots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for bottom 5

LaPorta is going to have a high receiving grade but he got blown up on a few blocks.

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Is jacobs this seasons AO??

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Sutton’s gotta own one of the spots. He wasn’t sharp at all.

Jacobs got treated like a hooker out there.

Nobody wants to admit it, but Sutton has not looked like a solid FA addition. He’s been fairly disappointing in camp and now during the season. But then again AO looked like crap with AG, Sutton looks less good, Jacobs is terrible. AG’s claim to fame is supposed to be how good he is with the secondary….

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This guy is in my top 5 from the game…


Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t recall Sutton playing bad at all. When he did give up catches they were usually 8 yards or less. Jacobs on the other hand probably had the worst game on the defense and really has me hoping Moseley is ready sooner than later.


He had a hell of a game against the run.

Rodrigo was smoked all game long


Really, I didn’t notice Sutton played bad at all…I just kept seeing 23 getting cooked.


I didn’t notice him either. That’s usually a good sign for a CB.


Totally agree with Jacobs.


Not sure how PFF grades QB’s but the pick six, I’m guessing here, will keep Goff out of the top five.

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Sounds about right (this time).

I wanna see a breakdown of our corners for yards and qbr allowed