Top 5, Bottom 5 (getting the jump on PFF)

Goff has looked solid in Ben Johnson’s offense. I’m hoping once Gibbs and Jamo get a little more seasoned, it can elevate Goff even further


Agreed, now the health of this O-line is going to have a lot to say about that though. Hopefully Decker is back soon. Sounds like Big V going to be out for a bit.

What was Vaitais injury? It looked rough when he was laying there not moving at all

Yeah but when’s the last time we won because of Goff?!?!

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Knee injury, got rolled up on from the side. Coach Campbell said they’d know more in a couple days and he wasn’t headed to IR yet, which sounds like maybe it’s only a couple games. Hopefully.


That’s how I felt. Hopefully we can get Moseley up and going soon.

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Question is: can he (and Deck and DMont) come back sooner than later AND be effective? We’ve seen lots of examples of banged-up guys trying to tough it out and playing like ****.

I’m glad Decker didn’t play on Sunday. Hopefully the extra week will get him a lot closer to full strength. Graham is a notch below Vaitai, but if the Lions can field a relatively healthy line of Deck/Jackson/Ragnow/Glsgow/Penei, that would really, REALLY help things.

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