Top 5 worst free agency signings by Lions

Surprised they stopped at 5. Seems we’re always desperate. Holmes and Campbell will help end this I believe.

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Typical topic why not post positive topics an then poster adds his own twisted negativity,Surprised they stopped at 5.

Then a positive point or should I say crumb Holmes and Campbell will help end this I believe.


I dunno about this list… I mean, yes all those players were busts for us… but Mitchell did lead a top 5 offense in the league for a couple years. I’ll give them Jesse James. Culpepper? I mean, that team was hopeless to start. Flowers and Rick Wagner? Not great, but worst ever? Flowers I would agree with if only for the money they paid him. Wagner was kind of a meh signing that basically plugged a hole for a couple years.

I know it’s a click bait-y article (which I clicked a couple times because I forgot who else they mentioned while writing this post) but I’m sure this forum could come up with a much more legit list!

Justin Coleman from recent memory should be up there. Damien woody, Julian Peterson could be some names…

But I agree with @coyote12 I don’t think this front office makes those same mistakes, and if they do they correct them quick and move on.

My top 5 worst Lions FA’s (last 20 years) -

  1. Trey Flowers (money!)
  2. Bill Shroeder (T-Rex)
  3. Rick Wagner (RT money!)
  4. Leigh Bodden (you were a Pro Bowler?)
  5. LeGerrett Blount (2.7 ypc…then retires)

When I read the subject…
my 1st thought was… “how did they choose only 5 of them?”

Not really sure who wouldn’t think the same.


“We have narrowed it down to the Lions 25 worst signings.”

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That is a much better list!!! See, y’all never let me down

I completely forgot about Leigh bodden. Wow… that is a blast from the past. And completely agree with Bill Schroeder!

I will never forget that guy totally alligator arming a pass over the middle that got intercepted, or maybe incomplete, I don’t remember that part but I remember getting very upset because he obviously was just avoiding contact. Although he may have been getting that pass from Harrington so, well… let’s stop taking about the 2000s lions.

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Mitchell was a choke artist but he set Lions records and the Lions had one of the best offenses in the league in 95.

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Guard Damien Woody should have been on this list. He was bad here and Millen gave him crazy $ to be here.

Az-Zahiz Hakim could be here but he was actually okay…just not worth the $ he received here.

Trey Flowers has to be considered too. Trey is a good football player but after his contract we got 27 starts and 21 games missed. As much as I like Flowers you can’t help the club from the tub.

Not really a free agent BUT DT Corey Redding got a HUGE contract and then was just a guy here before we shipped him off. We received Julian Peterson here who was also just a guy here.

They traded Shaun Rogers for him.