Top five draft pick

As of now we are picking number five and might slide up if the Cardinals upset the Rams today

Or Jets beat the Peckers.

Ugh. Just tuned in that game in time to see the packers score a TD in OT

Do we draft another Duck and take Herbert number five?

That might light a fire under Stafford ass

Nah, gonna get Greedy methinks

Well, we gonna go to GB and have a snowball fight or will both teams try to win with while auditioning recently activated and backup players?

I do hope Stafford starts and getting 4 straight vs GB and still getting a higher pick would be nice.

Greedy is over-rated. Bet the pick will be more like Devin White, Josh Allen or DeAndre Walker. Hearing for weeks now Greedy lacks speed. Teez Tabor the second.

DeAndre Walker? Walker isn’t even a first rounder by every projection that I’ve seen. Heck, I’m not even sure if he’s a round 2 guy.

If we’re picking at five I want in order:

Q. Williams
J. Allen
C. Ferrell

I love Ed Oliver as a prospect but I’mnot sure how well he fits in terms of scheme.

I’d love to get Bosa or Gary if we are in the top 5. This team desperately needs someone who can bring pressure from the edge, and both of them play the run well too.

Almost every mock has Bosa going first overall. Williams or Adams make a lot of sense.

Maybe Greedy but a CB has to be special to go in the top five. I was hoping Greedy would be the pick when I thought we would be picking in the late teens

We could trade down and get Greedy…

I think if we’re picking top 5 and Jonah Williams is there, I take him.

Blue Chip LT… It’s what I always wanted for Christmas.

I could go for that. Him and Decker as the book ends

I could live with Jonah Williams but that’s an awful lot of draft capital put towards the OL.

Greg Dortch declared. Would be a great Tate replacement in round 3 or so.

I like your list. We need a pass rush. Any of those guys can bring it. I agree with Oliver as he’s not really a fit for Patricia’s front. We need 2-gappers up front. Plus he’s fallen off this year. You have to worry about his motor if he’s packed it in already for the NFL.

DeAndre Baker. The problem with similar names.

After thinking about it more, I think I’d prefer Q. Williams over Bosa. Both will be gone in all likelihood though

For me, i think it is Quinnen Williams, then Bosa, then Devin White, then Josh Allen, then Ed Oliver, then Montez Sweat after trading down.
I think I’d rather have DeAndre Baker or the corner from Washington than Greedy.

I LOVED Devin White’s highlight reel. Truly amazing. But then I watched a video showing him on every snap. He’s a lot like Jarad Davis. Great speed, fast to the ball, but gets caught up in the trash. I don’t see him knifing through traffic for TFLs like Vander Esch from last year. I think White is too much of a duplication of Davis although he might be a slight upgrade. We need either a stud DE that can create pressure on his own, an edge player that can get pressure or play in space effectively (something Kennard cannot do), or a stud in the secondary.

I think Josh Allen is the perfect fit as he can rush the passer or play in space. He reminds me of Darius Leonard of the Colts, who I loved in the draft last year and is likely the defensive rookie of the year.

I need to find time to watch tape on Quinnen Williams to see if he can be that guy at DE.

Typically, these guys who can move around on the DL are between 280 and 300 lbs. They offer greater mobility/power. They are also better in the three man front because they are stouter against the run but quick enough to push the pocket. I only mention the size because at one time they were considered tweeners as DT’s ballooned to 350-375 lbs.
For what it is worth. I speak with a guy who is an insider, and some other guys in the scouting world, a couple times a year and have several times been on podcasts or the radio. I have been told White is better than Allen as a LB. They have not said much about Allen but seem to like him as an edge rusher. Limited opportunity and access. The next time I have the opportunity, I will ask specifically about these two. I have heard the Ray Lewis words thrown around and seen him taken at two overall about White. Everyone seems to agree Bosa is far and away the best player in the draft.