Tori Petry gone from the Lions

I did not know this happened or when but she left the Lions and is now working in Charlotte, NC. I saw a youtube video of her as a special guess for woodward sports and talking about how she missed Detriot.

Well I always liked her reports both offseason and during the season. I will miss having here there to watch on Detroit Lions website.

Good Luck Tori

Differences For The Detroit Lions w Tori Petry [ Morning Woodward Show] - YouTube Link to video

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It’s interesting that she just quit with no future job lined up. If she was getting a promotion or a great opportunity thats one thing. But just to quit after 7 years seems a little odd, but shes young and wants to try something else which I can understand. Hopefully there wasn’t anything from the Lions she just hated and wanted to get out. It doesn’t sound like she has any bad blood towards the organization at least.

True, the way she speaks she was just ready for something else.

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She should have sat up straight

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She was great! Hope she finds much success.

I take back what I said about the kid. I don’t see anything backing that up.

That being said…yowza

Dang - she was really a breath of fresh air. Hope it was amicable for both sides.

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They should bring in Rachel to take her place.

Love Tori though. Hope sh is happy and has fun. Also hope they dont’ bring in some drab ass commentator that is just reading and doesn’t really care.

I wonder if Rod Wood made her repay some of her signing bonus?


She seemed nice enough.
Bring on the new girl.

These kids these days, just jumping from job to job looking for the next best thing! They wanna be managers 2 years out of college!!!

I’m kidding (kind of) but in all seriousness, even if she didn’t have another job lined up I’m sure she has plenty of contacts and was looking for more of a life move than anything else. I kind of forget what it was like to be in my 20s…

She was good. I’m sure they’ll bring in someone equally qualified. And she did stick around for 7 years so definitely respect for that


Did the Heartbreakers stay?


It says she’s working in Charlotte. What am I missing?

I mean, they thought they were going to take her away with their money and their cocaine.

You gotta listen to her heart.


Looks like she thought “I could spend ANOTHER year in a frozen city covering a team that’s just going to lose a lot…or I could go Anywhere else!”

Record company wanted Tom to change it to champagne. His response was “that doesn’t make any sense, champagne’s way too cheap”


Hahaha yeah I heard that. So dumb. And Tom petty was just a cool dude who stood up to that kinda silly type of censorship

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It happened back in May…. My understanding was that she wanted to be closer to home. She grew up in Florida.

It’s too bad to. The Lions don’t have many good reporters and she was a good one.

Thanks for the information.

Glad to see this earned the “popular link” badge lol

She said that she is living there and looking for her next opportunity. She hasn’t found out whats next yet.