Totally off the wall surprise pick at 1A

Now that Carter tanked, What do you think that Holmes will do at 1A? What surprise pick would he make?

I say he trades back and picks Tuli Tuipulotu at 2A

Nolan Smith to rush the passer, play off ball LB, or drop back to safety, who slides to slot. We no longer swap personnel on defense. Freak athlete plays at any level. Game changed.




Now that would be a surprise.

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I have no clue.
And that’s how Brad likes it.

Drew Sanders would be a surprise


The reciever from TCU




Porter jr or breese would be off the wall at this point… i think bijan would be quite a surprise at 6OA as it wouldnt align with holmes track record of positional premium. I dont think it would come down to these three as one of anderson, wilson, carter, murphy would be available, skronski is an option, and Gonzalez could be justified to a certain extent. If the majority of the defenders werent an option qb could come into view a bit… ultimately i am unsure how holmes will play it

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Whoever it is, it will be the guy they loved, but didn’t think he would still be there.

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It’s gonna be Levis…don’t hate me :joy:

And no I don’t like it. But I trust BH and DC


It’s gonna be something we don’t expect…but since we have played the what if game for every single position it seems it won’t feel like something we didn’t expect.

ya know…it frickon could be…like legitimately and that isn’t me saying I have heard anything…bc I haven’t other then he is Paxton Lynch 2.0 I could totally see it happening.

I don’t think anyone has any idea what we’re going to , well played Brad.

I’m still looking for a trade of one of our 1st for a quality DT .

I watched him a half dozen times this year and I actually liked some of the things a saw.

I didn’t however like the way he carried himself while watching him at the combine though. Maybe I just had a bad read on him. I know if we take him, I probably just had the wrong impression. And a QB who gets to sit and learn behind Goff and the culture of this franchise is going to succeed here. I have little doubt in that.


I think we’re trading up for Will Anderson.


This would be my first choice honestly

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A lot of folks are using the thought process that when you have a pick that high, you need to get an impact player. Many say this is where you get that QB. I don’t disagree.

But this is the year we move on a the top edge rusher to build one of the best lines in football.

Everything thing they’re doing in the back seven could improve quicker and be more effective with a top notch D Line.

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Darnell Washington TE Georgia or Jalen Hyatt WR Tennessee

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say 0% chance :joy:

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