Totally Realistic Prognostication For NFCN

Week 6

Detroit @ Green Bay

Minnesota @ Philadelphia

Chicago – BYE


Green Bay 5-1
Chicago 3-2
Detroit 2-2-1
Minnesota 3-3

Week 7

Minnesota @ Detroit

Oakland @ Green Bay

New Orleans @ Chicago


Green Bay 6-1
Chicago 4-2
Detroit 3-2-1
Minnesota 3-4

Week 8

Washington @ Minnesota

Los Angeles Chargers @ Chicago

New York Giants @ Detroit

Green Bay @ Kansas City


Green Bay 6-2
Chicago 5-2
Detroit 4-2-1
Minnesota 4-4

Week 9

Minnesota @ Kansas City

Chicago @ Philadelphia

Detroit @ Oakland

Green Bay @ Los Angeles Chargers


Detroit 5-2-1
Green Bay 6-3
Chicago 5-3
Minnesota 4-5

Week 10

Detroit @ Chicago

Carolina @ Green Bay

Minnesota @ Dallas


Green Bay 7-3
Chicago 6-3
Detroit 5-3-1
Minnesota 4-6

Week 11

Dallas @ Detroit

Denver @ Minnesota

Chicago @ Los Angeles Rams

Green Bay – BYE


Green Bay 7-3
Detroit 6-3-1
Chicago 6-4
Minnesota 5-6

Week 12

New York Giants @ Chicago

Detroit @ Washington

Green Bay @ San Francisco

Minnesota – BYE


Green Bay 8-3
Detroit 7-3-1
Chicago 7-4
Minnesota 5-6

Week 13

Chicago @ Detroit

Green Bay @ New York Giants

Minnesota @ Seattle


Green Bay 9-3
Detroit 8-3-1
Chicago 7-5
Minnesota 5-7

Week 14

Dallas @ Chicago

Washington @ Green Bay

Detroit @ Minnesota


Green Bay 10-3
Detroit 8-4-1
Chicago 7-6
Minnesota 6-7

Week 15

Tampa Bay @ Detroit

Chicago @ Green Bay

Minnesota @ Los Angeles Chargers


Green Bay 11-3
Detroit 9-4-1
Chicago 7-7
Minnesota 6-8

Week 16

Detroit @ Denver

Kansas City @ Chicago

Green Bay @ Minnesota


Green Bay 11-4
Detroit 10-4-1
Chicago 7-8
Minnesota 7-8

Week 17

Green Bay @ Detroit

Chicago @ Minnesota


Detroit 11-4-1
Green Bay 11-5
Minnesota 8-8
Chicago 7-9



Looks good, except for the part of Green Bay beating us on Monday…


So, if we win this week, we are basically going to run away with the division and probably get a first round playoff bye, followed by a home playoff game?



Agreed! There are other balls that could bounce a different way too. What this brought to light for me, is that GB is highly likely to win 11 or 12, this year, and we’d better put our big boy pants on for the entire season. I think it’s likely. Not a lot of room for dropping one we should win, though.

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Week 10–Carolina at GB–that’s no gimme for the Packers.

Week 12–GB at SF–the 49ers have enough to win that game.

  • I really feel we can win in GB so I would love us going with 12 wins on the season :crazy_face:

  • I was messing with this last night and I agree that Minny most likely goes 8-8, 7/9…,

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11-12 wins is really hard. Teams do that if they are elite and not making mistakes. Those teams also usually have a terrible division so 4 games are easy wins.

Lions have the hardest division in football and still making terrible, terrible, SOL decisions. Chargers/Eagles (I forget which) game playing not to lose, get the punt blocked, etc. Fumbling twice at the goal line against KC. Playing not to lose against the Cardinals, barely cling to a tie against what looks like a bad team this year.

I’m hoping for 10 wins and healthy going in the end of the season.


Here’s the crazy thing: 10-5-1 is only 83% chance of making it to the playoffs. the game in the game is what games we win; must be divisional, then NFC… we can loose both AFC games imho and not worry.

that’s leaving 10 games of which we can lose 2. meaning our divisional games are huge!! AKA we really need this win MNF wise. without this win, I simply do not see us winning the Div. Title.

GB would be 5-1, Lions 2-2-1… GB 3-0 in the North and we’d be0-1.

I know the OP show a way to win the title without a win this weekend… but I am leery of that.

Us gaining a 3 game swing in our records doesn’t seem likely imho.

MNF’s game “most likely” will determine if the Lions are going for a title run or a WC run… just me.

9-6-1 it drops to only 46% chance to make it…

I can happen, but winning in week 6, away @ GB makes our path so much easier…

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Definitely a big one. I think we’ll beat them, man…twice (possibly 3 times).

Lots to be determined. What I love, is this feels like it did when the Pistons kept getting better, and you could see them getting more and more battle tested, and closer and closer to the title games. This feels like that, to me. I’m just going to enjoy the ride, and love that we are getting better most weeks.


.[quote=“Abject, post:9, topic:1908, full:true”]
the game in the game is what games we win; must be divisional, then NFC… we can loose both AFC games imho and not worry.
I’d agree with you most years, but this year may be different. Because of our stupid TIE against AZ, I don’t think any tiebrekers will be operating. So sure, you want to beat your divisional rivals, because thats a two game swing, but as far as NFC/AFC, I doubt it will matter this year

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seems kind of tough at the moment to believe.
They honestly should have lost both games they won and won both games they didn’t win.
They could be 4-0 or 0-4, that’s how close all those games were.
SD and Philly gave the Lions the game and the Lions gave the Chiefs the game and allowed Arizona to nearly win.
To just think they are going to roll through the rest of the season seems a bit crazy to me. I’m guessing somewhere between 6 and 9 wins.

I definitely can see how you’d feel that way. We definitely gave KC a tie, in what should have been a 3 or more TD win.
Definitely can see your case for the SD game, as well.
Eagles game, though. We beat them in every phase of the game. That was a really nice win, IMO.
Feedback I see, is we need to get the friggin’ refs out of these games, and let the teams decide who wins and loses.

I also feel like we are getting better every game. Maybe other teams do the same, maybe they don’t. No doubt, our division could be tough.

That said - 11 wins!

The problem with the Eagles game was, while they outplayed the Eagles, the Lions didn’t put the game away. The Eagles dropped a lot of passes and they still had their shot to win the game but dropped the game winning TD.
If the Lions let teams hang around without putting them away, they will end up losing some of those games. And the majority of NFL QBs are too damn good to let them have a shot at winning on a 4th quarter drive.
And winning close games can kind of be a coin toss in a lot of cases.

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Vikings are screwing this thing up!

The division is revealing itself to be pretty tough.

If the Lions need to go 4-2 in the NFCN to go to the playoffs…

Monday night is a must win.

Nobody is going 4-1 in this division after their first game. Too tough of a division. Just nasty.

Honestly its been a pretty tough division for a long time. Packers or Bears are always good.

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In the final boost, Rasheed Wallace comes in around the third quarter of the season to play a little TE for us

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Is he going to play hard? What about the other team? Are both teams going to play hard my man?

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Well lets see if Ball Don’t Lie.

Win and talk ends.

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Hell yeah, brother!