Tracy Walker - I don’t need anyone to tell me how good I am

So I’ve been of the belief that the Lions will likely resign Walker. Personally I think Walker is good enough to keep but he has also been a liability at times. I thought his played improved as the 2021 season progressed. He’s had some struggles so I thought maybe we could land him in the 6-7 mil range and I’d keep him at that range.

But he seems to think he’s a top 75 player. Based on some of his comments it sounds like he’s expecting a big pay day. If he thinks he’s a top 75 that means he thinks he’s in the 10-12 mil range and I’d pass on him at that price.

Also based on the comment Aubrey Pleasant made about them working together in the future I am starting to wonder if the Lions are looking to move on or maybe even upgrade.

Maybe I’m reading to much into this but I’m starting to think he won’t be back.

Here’s a few recent articles on him.

In this article Pleasant talks about how Walker needs to improve and how versatility is important in their scheme. I have to wonder what he means by versatility here. Because Walker struggles in traffic and when he’s asked to play down hill. However he excels in space.

So I have to ponder.

  1. Could the Lions attack free agency and look to upgrade from Tracy Walker? … if Walkers asking price is too high I would expect the Lions to start shopping.

  2. Could we be looking to draft Kyle Hamilton at 2OA? Personally I think Hamilton is a long shot for us at 2OA but if we made a short trade down then I’d think Hamilton would be more likely but I still think it’s a long shot.

  3. Could the Lions look to go safety at 32, 34 or on a trade up? - I think if we lose Walker then safety could come in play here but I highly doubt we would trade up. More likely they come into play if we trade down to mid round two.

  4. Could the Lions look for safety in the mid rounds? I think this is the most likely scenario. Especially is we resign Walker or get a starter in free agency. In round 3 I think Safety becomes highly likely.


I think we’ll continue to focus on building inside/out, like we did last year. We had heavy focus on the trenches and I think that’s the brand of football our coaches want to play.

They’ll bring Walker back if the price is right, and sure…only they know what “right price” is by their definition. Safety and LB are the biggest gaping holes, IMO.

Still…DL and WR will make the biggest impact, IMO.

Last year, everyone was shocked that we didn’t spend more effort on WR last year. This year will be more of the same…trenches first, this offseason. Our DBs have been outperforming thier draft expectations, and will continue to do so.

I hope we get a WR or 2 to round out the offense, but truthfully, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if they rounded out other positions first based on BPA. These guys are SO committed to the long game. Aside from a trenches first approach, nothing would surprise me. We still need a lot of help in a lot of areas.

My guess…DL…WR…then BPA, with a lean toward whatever they deem most important.

Possibly the defensive equivalent of a St Brown in mid-to-late rounds? Land another home run in the 4th round?

Great post Air! It seems a lot of people think of Tracy as a must sign. I saw him as an avg. to above average S this year, previous years were a mix of below average to average. I would like him back but at what price? I understand in his mind its time to cash in, I don’t expect him to sign with us early, we are not going to offer what he thinks he’s worth. when realty sets in, we might have the chance. But one never knows what another team may do.
I’m also all over Hamilton, but like you said, it will take a small trade, not sure I see that happening.


I assume the greatest likelihood is he’s gone. They’re letting him hit fa for a reason.


There was a time early in his career that I thought he was going to be a player. Now, he just seems like a warm body out there. If he’s looking for a double digit annual salary it would be a hard pass for me.


If he’s looking for top $$$ then it’s more likely we end up with Bates or Williams.

We will not have 2 high cost safeties on the roster. Seems completely unlikely to me anyway.

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My top proposal, 3 year deal:
Signing Bonus of 6mil gets up front in year 1
yr.1 sal.1mil cap hit for yr. 1 = 3 mill(remember SB he pockets 7 mil)
yr.2 sal.3 mil, cap hit yr. 2 = 5 mil
yr. 3 sal.4 mil, cap hit yr. 3 = 6 mil
Total: 3 year 14 mil. contract if we keep him 3 years. Very doable, and fair value.

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This is where I am is well.

I’m betting Walker is asking for a lot more than they’re willing to pay. When you factor in Holmes success in drafting safeties (BCU’s John Johnson in 2017 Rd 3, No. 91 overall and Ohio State’s Jordan Fuller in 2020 Rd 6, 199 overall, who started immediately as a rookie), I think the Lions may draft two safeties in 2022.


I think that may be a little on the low side in today’s NFL. I believe Walker is a solid starting safety with room to improve. If he plateaus he is still a solid starter. His market value is likely in the 6-7mil AAV range, IMO. With a very good safety free agent class we may be able to bring him back at that and not overpay. Anything over 8mil AAV is a hard pass for me.

If Dline is such a priority still , then that means Holmes missed badly there. He traded for one then extended him. Then drafts 2 in the frist 3 rds. Now some of you say how perfect Holmes is. Well you can’t have it both ways.
And as far as still building trenches you must missed were he talked about building and needing help on the premitors.

I agree we need a pass rushing DT but if we need one it’s because we missed last year. I doubt it becomes a higher priority then WR. And if they send Goff out there with a BS wr group again this year then they are not the right people for the job. Building in the trenches is always important but you can’t just build there and ignore your teams most pressing needs.

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I think its very possible we don’t sign Walker and we don’t draft Hamilton.

I really think they are going pass rusher there. And also think they aren’t over paying for anybody right now, even if they like him.


I don’t think this regime will let anyone hold them to ransom. They believe in their ability to find gems in the draft and to coach up cheap talent. If Walker wants serious money they’ll let him get it elsewhere.


The other question becomes how strategic they’ll be in preserving comp picks. I’ve assumed all along that this year will be a wash, but I’m beginning to wonder lately.

There are 6 interior DL. Holmes has brought in half of them so far. Still need 2 or 3 more.


They will look first at and for “value”
There should be no desperation moves
Or no aggressive moves at this point

I think they’re building a roster with sustainability in mind.
Sustainable cap
Sustainable depth

They do not require NAMES
They require their kind of football guys
Guys that want to develop
Guys that want to … bite kneecaps :grinning:

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Yes, same here
We’ll have a better idea soon enough but I think they will look for and at value first, every time

I think they’re going for sustainable success
No short term splash that feels good now but hamstrings you down the line

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If that is true, it would render getting one of the top FA safeties moot …


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Yes, WR, too.

I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I was surprised by the 3 picks we got last year, too.

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We may get one splash FA I suppose to help the marketing department but I expect mostly they stick to a value concept


I’m not sure we missed yet with Levi, but if we did it’s better to be honest with ourselves about it and try again. Even the greatest GMs miss, don’t let it become a sunk cost. Also I think we need another penetrating DL anyway if we’re sticking in base 3-4, even if Levi does pan out.