Trade deadline revisited…


Sweat- 2.5 tackles and a big sack

C Young- 1.5 sacks and 4 tackles 4 QB hits

R Douglas- 1 int… 2 FR and 9 tackles

K Byard- 16 tackles

Consider we are talking a 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 5th and 6th and T Edmunds as total outgoing collateral and Bills did get a 5th back along with Douglas.

It’s just crazy given we had needs both this year and next for Chase, Douglas, and Byard…

C Young
R Douglas
K Byard
5th - 2024

6th and W Harris

That would leave us….


Tagging Chase Young would be an option if he earned it… we have plenty of cap space for next year and tagging Young would have had zero impact on future cap numbers of big “re-sign” contracts

Bro Mart/Buggs
C Young/Houston



Imagine adding a 1st round DT and 2nd round OG

That’s not what we are talking. It would have taken our 1st rounder to get Sweat. When it mattered, we shoved it right down his throat while OUR 1st round pick DE sealed the game.


Why do this now? Brad didn’t want Young. Dan and brad are not detouring from their plan for anything. They are not going to add people just bc the fans played madden and figured out it financially worked. Just strange.


Maybe you should buy your own NFL team.


Well those are our top needs so good chance that is what they will do in the 2024 draft.
I’m good letting this season finish out before thinking 2024 draft.


The plan is long term. The plan is to build the team for sustained winning.
I don’t want to be a flash in the pan. I want to be a dynasty. We’ve had 60+ years of suck. I want at leat 10 years of competitive football games, with a few Super Bowl wins sprinkled in.
Gonna have to be a little more patient.


let it go GIF


You live in a what if world . Take a long look at what it cost them for Sweat in draft capital an cap money.

That shows why your a couch GM like a lot of us just you seem to be bad more than most.

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You guys are a trip….

Go back to the game thread and read posts 350-1400 or so……

Up until HSV posted “JAMO” he was ready to scalp Goff and trade the world for Fields…. I can’t count how many Hutch is overrated, Goff needs everything to be perfect, Joseph is lost, Jacob’s isn’t a starter, we get zero pressure, fire AG posts were posted.

Goff found his groove, ASB did what he does, Monty had revenge on his mind, Jamo showed his talent, and AA… Alim… and Hutch played great down the stretch- shout out to Ginny and the OL too…

  • we have no CB depth, and no top end CB1… we don’t have a DE2 that would start on MOST NFL teams…

Yes we won, and we won last week too, but it wasn’t pretty either time. It was teams a collective 7-14 we had last second wins against. One was at home and the other was as close to a home game as possible- our top players from LA, great weather and mostly our fans?

All of thiS.


Which DE to get 8-12 sacks are we going to get? How are we going to get him?

This team needs an OG, stud DT, solid DE2, and CB1 next year to take the next step…

Who are those guys?

We don’t have to pay Hutch or Jamo for 4 more years…. We don’t have to pay Kerby at all, same with Paschal….

  • Nobldy wants to pay JJackson- fine

-Some don’t want to pay the freight for Goff- crazy but okay

I know we have to pay Goff, Sewell (in 3 years), ASB, and Alim- but we have a ton of money

Who are the top tier FAs we are going to spend it on?

I don’t disagree with this- or most of what you post frankly-

As you start winning 10-12 games a year, it gets harder to build in the draft year over year-

We legitimately need a starting CB, better safety play, a double digit edge, and stud DT, and a multi year starter at OG…. Need-

I think we could easily find a defender in round 1, and an OG in round 2…. Round 3 we could get lucky with a pair of bullets…

I don’t love the UDFA class of 24’

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Did you tell the good teams in the NFL about this? Because they apparently didn’t get the memo.

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So you don’t think we need a legit pass rusher or CB right now?

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Why are you dodging what you said? First, you wanted to trade away a 1st round pick for Sweat. Next, you think good teams can’t build thru the draft.

I have no problem with the Lions not making a big deadline splash… that rarely happens in the NFL. Getting DPJ for nothing was a very solid move. Jamo is a very unreliable player and DPJ has proven he can take the top off the defense and produce.

Fans should be much more concerned on Holmes blowing first round picks on players like Campbell and Jamo

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This is a tad disingenuous. The majority of fans here who maintain the same theme are consistent. They
Do not tend to irrationality and hot takes that age poorly. Calling out @HSVLion is forgetting that he is a lot younger then a lot of us, a freshman in college, ROLL TIDE and it’s okay if he gets frustrated in game. He wasn’t someone who came in and was 100% behind Goff from the jump and that is fine…today was rough…not going to hold it against him if he vents in frustration on a message board over this game.

Are the chargers a bad team or a badly coached team? It’s strange to be taking shots at your team’s wins in order to make your point. Today’s game was close not because the bears outclassed us. They scored basically their average for the season give or take a few points. Aside from their initial drive of 15 plays where they were very good they scored more due to the offensive struggles we had because of the 4 turnovers and the truly poor game Goff had for 3 quarters and 12 minutes. @CuriousHusker made an excellent point and it bears repeating…the first drive is always scripted and it’s always the teams best plays…we came back from 13 down and we had played like ass and we won. That takes balls. That takes talent. That takes coaching to keep the guys in it. We went toe to toe with an offense last week that after adjustments were scoring at will and we didn’t wilt under pressure. I am not going to overlook the lions bc they didn’t blow lesser opponents out of the water every single week. I will not doubt brad or dan at this point…hell maybe never again…

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I never said we should have traded a first for Sweat. I listed the guys who were traded and what it was for… period

Chase Young and R Douglas for our 3rds with a 5th coming back? Sure-

Chase Young not a Campbell guy. Takes plays off. He is little more than a name.

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