Trade deadline revisited…

I am really glad that Brad is our GM. The window is opening and it is going to stay open.

The guy who was traded for a 2nd and given 100Ms didn’t get close enough to Goff to smell his cologne with the game on the line

First off- Great post, and I appreciate that perspective.

I will say it could just as easily be…

C Young
R Douglas
K Byard
5th- 2024

Bro Mart (3rd)
Hooker (3rd)
Sorsdal (5th)
Green (7th)- though our 3rds and 5th are earlier than what was in the trades
W Harris

  • I am not going to project what these guys will or won’t be just yet, but that is essentially what we’d ACTUALLY just took in one draft class vs hunting for the some of the best examples out of our 14 mid to late round picks under Brad…

Chase Young has a sack in each game…
Byard picked off Mahomes “in the endzone” impacted a huge game- 24 tackles, 2 pds, INT in 3 gms
Rasul Douglas- 2 INT… 4 PDs… 2 FR… and 12 Tackles in 3 games…

I feel like Douglas play over past 3 games is better than any CB on our team… Byard has more tackles and ball production than any safety on our team… Chase Young has more sacks than any Edge on our team since the trade, and on the year?

— PS: I wouldn’t mind paying the guys you listed either, but understand we are playing well paying guys like Reynolds a 2 yr and 6MM deal… if he wants to negotiate like Swaggy did- HE GONE! He’s also seen 10 targets with 6 catches and 81 total yards since Jamo has started coming along the past 4 games…

I would love to pay McNeill, St Brown, Sewell, and J Jackson…

-1: Will Alim McNeill accept 4 years and 56MM or is his agent thinking 4 years and 72-78MM? Zach Zieler just got 3 years almost 40M and Dalvin Tomlinson got a bit more than that?

  • 2: We still have 2 more years before we have to pay Sewell, and he’s already made over 20MM so it’s not like he’s in the spot that Ra or McNeill are where they’ve made very little money thus far. I think Sewell will get 5 years and 130MM extension, but he won’t cross a 20MM cap hit in a year til 2026 more than likely…

  • 3: Ra is the biggest one as he will be eligible to extend, he’s made very little, sacrificed his body big time, and is a leader by example… 5 years and 120MM is I think where he lands, but again it won’t hurt much until 2026…

  • 4: Jonah- ironically by landing guys like Byard and Douglas for 2 year deals for mid to late round picks, we would have had the whole secondary more than locked up for next year. I know it’s not realistic that would could have gotten both, but I think it would have been possible? That would have allowed us to pay Jonah, draft another OL piece early, and use the rest our resources on the Edge or DT positions…

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That was never said. You are assuming that. You don’t give a player a one year prove it deal coming off an acl and assume he is going to be your CB1 or 2. Jacobs and Sutton were always 1 and 2 in Detroit. Always.


That may be but IMO if Moseley had returned to his peak SF form he would have forced their hand. Purely from a coverage standpoint his peak is the highest of the three. Unfortunate situation. Seems to be a great guy.

True. I believe its also reasonable to have a slight concern that BH isn’t being aggressive enough when this “could” be/have been a lighting in a bottle year and our last with Ben Johnson running the offensive show. We’ll see how the 49ers do being saddled with Chase Young this year and if he is a destabilizing affect on their culture vs how we do with every EDGE we have after Hutch.

You keep talking to me as if I’m going to have something to do with it.
I have no more control than you do.
I’m just sick of hearing bitching when we’re winning.
In case you don’t realize this, KC, Baltimore, San Francisco, and everyone except Philly has more losses than us.
There’s a decent shot that we could be the #1 seed by seasons end. We have an excellent chance at the #2 seed.

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I think the big thing about Young in SF is him being paired with a former college teammate which may help in the change of scenery sense.

Many have talked about J Carter in Philly being paired with former teammates at UGA that kept him in line/focused to whatever degree he was.

Not one of us are bitching because we’re winning.

We’re frustrated because we are in a great position to get the no. 1 seed, as myself and others have repeatedly stated, and possibly a SB. Yet we did nothing to take advantage of that.

You can be happy and think doing nothing is great. Myself, i think it’s wasting a terrific opportunity. Our competition got better, we stood pat unless you want to count a 36 yr old off the couch.

Yep, we’re better record wise outside Philly. Yet who’s had the tougher schedule, who’s got the weakest Dline getting the least pressure? What’s the correlation to sacks and the SB teams?

You can believe what you like, telling me to stfu for feeling like we may be blowing a golden opportunity to have added a key difference maker at a position of need and strengthened our chances to get that 1 seed and SB birth…well you can be happy with that. Im not, the window is now, Ben is here, and we did nothing, and the gap between our Dline and SF got wider, even Seattle added . The Eagles added Douglas who had 2 picks last week.

This bs that these moves aren’t helping their new teams is just that, BS.

And they are one end of clock field goal against Washington away from being 0-3 since adding Williams. We are 3-0 since completely blowing any shot we had at continued success…

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Yet he still helps them, lol, and he or Young, or Douglas would be huge additions here…and help us

Oh love the caveat no one said.

Here’s a question, did our Dline get better? Did SF Dline get better? How about the Eagles secondary? Oh just for grins has Sweat helped the Bears Dline?

I know tough questions, and while we’re at it how about 1 more tough question…would any of them helped our D and improved our odds in a playoff run?

Did he? How can you say so with certainty being that Seattle is 1-2 and -32 in point with Williams and 6-2 and +30 without him?

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I understand what some of you are saying, and I can see why you might be frustrated with the lack of moves leading to the trade deadline. The thing that just keeps coming to my mind is that Holmes and Campbell have stated many times that they are following their plan and sticking to it.

The part that many of us seem to forget is that they both stated it was a 5 year plan. Now to us fans it might appear that they are ahead of schedule and should have made moves to close the gap. Even though I can relate to that thought, I can also see where Holmes and MCDC believe that they do not need to make these moves at this time. They are sticking to their plan whether we like it or not. So far I also have to admit that I like where the plan has gotten the team and I am looking forward to where it is heading.

Yes, he has and so have the rest. You know the others you didn’t mention

Do you have any evidence of that? Just a feeling?

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They have even said they were ahead of schedule.

They tried to make a move, and failed and know the need hence our 36 yr old off the couch

How about his sacks and pressures since he got there.

While we’re at it lets go a step furthet how do they compare to our DEs not named Hutch

How about Young? Want to compare him as well? How about Douglas?


1-2 +18 points since adding Douglas
5-3 +86 before doing so

Are pressure and sacks rather than wins now the point of the game?

Seattle is quite likely to regret the Williams trade. That was obvious from the moment it went down IMO.

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