Trade Deadline

George Springer… 2 homers 6 rbi’s yesterday. Come get him Tigers :wink: he’s the cause of and solution to all of your offensive problems.


Keith has been really good at defense for a while and then avg, too early to make definitive statements any which way on the results other than the definitive statement that it is too early. I think he ends up being better than horrible and will be avg to solid.

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Keith went from a Plus 3 or 4 in the first 1/4th of the season to a -5 or 6 in the second half.

He may get better. But nothing to hang your hat on.

He NEEDS to do better or he gone. Because a 0 or -1 2nd baseman with a under 0.700 ops aint it

Literally has 200 mlb PAs in his career.

Breathe, dawg…
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He can get better for sure. And i think he will.

However i see his celling is an average player. Nothing more. Not the star we all hoped for


Hey now… u guys keep pooping on my Springer routine… he’s 9 for his last 11 with 3 homers, 2 doubles and 10 RBI’s… keep the poop emojis coming. It’s working :laughing:

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He tripled his season output in 3 days.

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He sure has… i need more poop emojis asap

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Mlive takes a look at what a possible Skubal trade could look like.
full article at link.

They’ll certainly pick up the phone and listen. But there are a lot of hurdles to making a deal.

And even if the Tigers were open to parting ways with Skubal, such a deal is likely to make more sense this winter than it does this month.

Trading a player during a Cy Young season – and Skubal is probably the front-runner right now – would be almost unprecedented. (It’s only happened once in baseball history when Rick Sutcliffe won with the Chicago Cubs in 1984).

The other issue is getting the right mix of players in return. The Tigers, of course, would expect a massive haul. And perhaps some team would be willing to provide it. But the market of available players might be more limited in July than in December.

Teams willing to pay big for Skubal won’t be those making mere half-hearted pushes for the playoffs. They’ll already be planning for the playoffs. They’ll want Skubal starting a game in the World Series this October, not some nebulous time in the future.

Teams that meet those criteria might be willing to part with prospects set to arrive in 2025, 2026 and 2027. But they’d be far more cautious about trading a player who is actively contributing right now.

That’s a hurdle. The Tigers will want guys who can impact the roster quickly, if not immediately.

But there might be at least one team able to pull that off.

The Baltimore Orioles have more prospects than they know what to do with.

They already have an ace – and Skubal’s top competitor for the AL Cy Young Award – in Corbin Burnes. A one-two pitching punch like that would make them the team to beat in the playoffs.

So what would a potential trade with the Orioles look like?

Remember, given that this is an in-season trade, we’re looking for players who aren’t actively contributing to the Orioles’ run but still could make an impact on the Tigers roster by Opening Day 2025 or earlier.

Here are two ideas. (I posted both of these to the BaseballTradeValues website to see what kind of feedback it would get).

Trade 1: Skubal for Coby Mayo, Heston Kjerstad, Connor Norby and Chayce McDermott

Trade 2: Skubal for Jackson Holliday and Connor Norby

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Trading Skubal is crazy talk.

If we traded him to Baltimore, it better look a lot like the Miggy trade when we got him from Miami. I want their top 2 prospects, plus a kicker.

Even then, it’s probably not enough for a legitimate Cy Young candidate with 2 plus years of control.

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Its not just our top 2 prospects in Maybin and Miller, they were top 10-15 MLB. Plus Trahern was a nice lotto ticket that didn’t pan out, along with a filler catcher prospect and a live arm in DeLaCruz IIRC.

You don’t jump from near .500 to cintention by trading a Top 5 MLB SP. Young and still cheap at that.

You trade vets having an outlier year on a 1 year deal and get back a top 100 bat.


Yep, I think Maybin and Miller were actually 1/2 in the pipeline rankings when the trade was made (just going off memory).

Maybin ended up as a journeyman, and Miller ended up as a good bully arm.

I think there is a lesson to be learned in that story.

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At the end of the day, I think every player in the league is available for trade. It just depends on how stupid of a haul a team is willing to give up.

In this case, if Baltimore threw Holliday, Mayo, and McDermott at us, we would have to take it.

Anything short of something like that though, I doubt it happens.


1. Jack Flaherty, RHP, Tigers

Flaherty is the top rental arm, if not the top rental player entirely, on the 2024 trade market. The one-year, $14MM deal he signed in Detroit proved to be a jackpot addition for the Tigers, who’ve seen Flaherty turn the clock back to the dominant form he showed in the second half of the 2019 season and in the first half of the 2021 campaign. In 95 innings, he’s pitched to a 3.13 ERA with a scintillating 2.50 SIERA. Flaherty has an elite 32.1% strikeout rate and similarly dominant 4.3% walk rate. He’s been one of the best pitchers in MLB, and while some back discomfort served as a brief red flag, he avoided a trip to the IL and returned to the mound with six innings of two-run ball as this list was being finalized.

Flaherty is the type of playoff-caliber starter who should command a top-100 prospect (and then some) despite his rental status. The Tigers don’t need to feel obligated to move him, as Flaherty is an obvious qualifying offer candidate and could earn them a comp pick after the first round in 2025 after he rejects that QO and signs for more than $50MM — both of which feel inevitable.

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We hold the cards…

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If a team trades for Flaherty, will that team then be able to extend him a qualifying offer and get the comp pick?

31. Andrew Chafin, LHP, Tigers

Chafin is owed the balance of a $4.25MM salary plus at least a $500K buyout on a $6.25MM club option for 2025. He’s bounced back from an ugly 2023 season so far, pitching to a 3.72 ERA with a big 28.8% strikeout rate versus an inflated 10.6% walk rate. His walk and grounder rates were once both plus marks but now sit below average. Still, Chafin is an established, experienced lefty who can be controlled through next season.

39. Gio Urshela, INF, Tigers

Urshela isn’t the solid, 20-homer regular he once was. He missed the bulk of the 2023 season following a pelvic fracture and is hitting just .257/.294/.335 in 231 plate appearances with Detroit. But, he’s also on a cheap one-year, $1.5MM deal and can play all around the infield while making plenty of contact at the plate. He’s a decent bench addition for a contender but isn’t likely to net the Tigers substantial prospect help.

Will admit a little surprised that Carson Kelly wasn’t on the “others to watch” list

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I believe that rule changed a while back, so teams can’t.
edit: but not positive

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