Trade down but still want a QB

Feleipe Franks…honest to God I don’t know how this guy isn’t in the conversation when they talk about QB’s in this years draft.

RAS… 9.56

I heard he’s a bit of a hot dog


Swagger is earned.

Robert Kraft’s first conversation with Tom Brady…“I still have the image of Tom Brady coming down the old Foxboro stadium steps with that pizza box under his arm, a skinny beanpole, and when he introduced himself to me and said ‘Hi Mr. Kraft,’ he was about to say who he was, but I said ‘I know who you are, you’re Tom Brady. You’re our sixth round draft choice,’” recalled Kraft. “And he looked me in the eye and said ‘I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.’ It looks like he could be right.”

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I heard that guy pee’d on someone’s lawn, then when someone yelled at him he shook it out in front of them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have super secret information about him that will blow your mind! But if I told you what it was, his draft stock would plummet and nobody would be willing to draft him. So I’m going to keep it to myself, and warn everyone to not draft this guy! But I’m not telling his business and impacting his draft stock!

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I’ve watched some tape on him, he’s super athletic and long. His biggest red flag to me is his receivers continually seem to have to slow down to catch under thrown balls. He may develop at the next level but is definitely a project. I wouldn’t draft him in the first five rounds based on talent and wouldn’t draft him at all if he’s got “problems”.

What “problems” are you talking about? Oh and by the way, where is the tape that shows his receivers “continually” having to “slow down to catch under thrown balls.”

Watch the third or fourth throw from the video above. His WR is behind the defence and has to slow down just slightly to adjust to the ball. Then watch the rest of the video above and count how many times that happens. That’s a “highlight” video. Now go watch some real tape of him and it’s something that pops out to me.

Has to slow down “just slightly”? LOL, are you shittin’ me? You mean count how many times he throws TD passes? No, you apparently HAVE watched some real tape of him, pony up. Your explanation there was absurd.

Lol what are you talking about? His throw on the play I am talking about wasn’t even a TD. If his throw was where it needed to be his WR walks into the end zone. Did you even watch the video? Clowning yourself bro. Watch the play at 35 seconds and then tell me that’s an NFL throw. You can clearly see the WR slow down. And the problems I was talking about are the apparent off field issues Wes mentioned above. If he’s got those I’m out.

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Clowning myself, ahh, the only clowning happening here is your “opinion”. So, you think that Wes wasn’t kidding then. Wow, you got big problems. Where is your “tape”? Coach, you’re easy dude. Look man, you read a couple comments on a fan thread where no one is stating actual facts with sources and one is just plain being sarcastic and you’re biting like a bass just outta ice out. Your “examples” of his “faults” are pathetic. My opinion is that this guy has done enough to show that he may have the skills to play at the next level and yet he isn’t in any conversation. You don’t know a f**king thing about this guy but are willing to make opinions on what exactly? LOL, this is ridiculous…

His tape is everywhere. You think people don’t watch games and rewatch games to specifically watch certain guys. You are the only one going off assumptions which usually means you end up making an ass out of yourself. If you don’t believe me go watch some of his games, go read what other writers have said about his game, his accuracy is questionable at best and from what I personally have watched his deep balls are under thrown quite often. I’ve only brought up his talent and stated if he did have off field problems I wouldn’t touch him and I gave you a clear example that YOU refuse to acknowledge, you’re the easy one bro.

Going to be converted to TE

Mike Glennon wannabe.

Coach, you are blowing smoke out of your ass. Your complaint was that a guy and possibly “some” guys had to slow down to catch a pass. You said you watched lot’s of tape but only referred to a couple of plays as to who he was. Now, you are telling me that a guy who had a 68.5% completion percentage, and had 17 TD’s vs 4 int’s last season has “questionable accuracy”. I mean, who do you think you’re fooling? Pissing on my leg and telling me it’s raining dude, you’re making shit up on the fly and expect people to believe it. Once again, I have FACTS and you have a poorly informed opinion.


163 238 68.5 2,107 8.9 17 4 82 163.1
54 71 76.1 698 9.8 5 3 69 173.4
188 322 58.4 2,457 7.6 24 6 65 143.3
125 229 54.6 1,438 6.3 9 8 63 113.3

An RTG of 163.1 last year and if you’re telling me that because you “personally” watched him and are coming up with this crap you simply aren’t qualified to make an opinion because you aren’t processing reality.

No one drafts QBs based on their college stats. Not saying he isn’t accurate, but the stats don’t really matter.

Yes but there is also tape of when he was on “Dancing with the Stars”, and really who can say no to that?

Feleipe Franks College Stats | College Football at (

Have you watched him play at all? Just because he had a good completion percentage in college doesn’t mean he’s an accurate passer. It’s not just my opinion either.

Show me a scouting report that says he has NFL accuracy, that’s right you won’t because you can’t because he doesn’t. Just because you like a guy doesn’t mean squat.

From your links…“he still generates good pace with relative ease, and when his shoulders are square and his base is set, he can deliver high-velocity balls with accuracy and touch as well”.

" Franks looks like a good addition for teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, and Pittsburgh Steelers on mid-to-late Day 3." The Lions? Crazy talk.

Where did he play, Montana St? Nope. Colorado School of Mines? No, not that one either. In the SEC? Why, why yes.

From the second article."Franks is a solid developmental option that can be found on day three of the draft. He isn’t spectacular at anything in particular. His accuracy, decision-making, and determination are some of his best attributes. " Wait, his accuracy is one of his best attributes?

His college stats showed a continuous improvement. He isn’t a player who is going to walk right in and be an NFL caliber QB. If he gets on a roster where he is allowed to continue to develop then I think he has a chance to be a player in this league. How sad it is that a guy who had 17 TD’s and 4 int’s and a completion percentage of 68.5% should be held down for his “observed” inaccurate play.

from what i seen, he can’t stay healthy and throws plenty of INT’s.

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