Trade down targets

Its almost impossible to predict if there will be a trade down at 8 but this year the chances are really good that happens.With that being said here is a few guys i think they could be targeting in the 12-20 range.
T.J Hockenson TE
Noah Fant TE
Devin Bush LB
Brian Burns OLB
Jonah Williams OL
Bryon Murphy CB
DeAndre Baker CB
Clein Ferrell DE
Greedy Willams CB
All these guys would have a chance to step in and compete for playing time right away.I really like Murphy and Bush the back 7 needs speed and playmakers Murphy would give the Lions a CB across from Slay that has the ability to take the ball away.Bush who is one of my favorite players in the draft is the new kind of LB the NFL loves 4.45 speed who can hit like a truck.I have faith in whoever Quinn picks this is a very good draft and fingers crossed they should gain some building blocks of the future.

I am almost more concerned with making sure we get back enough in draft capital to pay for the risk premium. Absolute minimum is a 2nd and a 5th with the 1st rd swap as long as we dont swap past 18 or so.

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I learn from you dudes on stuff like this. I honestly don’t even know what to root for. LOL.


I would love to see Quinn trade back a couple of times in the first, but ultimately ending up somewhere in that late teen range that Weasel mentioned.

If we stay at 8, i think that its down to four guys depending on who is still available…

Gil Brandt big board rankings of these players.
Sweat - 5. Hock - 6. White - 8. Williams - 9. Thats Jonah OT/G/C