Trade for Tyler Huntley

He doesn’t need to be a backup in Baltimore. Did anyone else see that run where he juked like 10 people? He’s better than Goff.

Goff aint great, no doubt. But Huntley is better than him? Based on what exactly?

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That run

So because a dude made one play in his career, he’s better than a guy that took a team to a super bowl!? You lost me.


@HSVLion loves QB’s who can run.

I think people forget that Goff has had a lot of accomplishments and is a two time probowler.

I’m not ready to give up on him yet. I’d like to see what he can do with some decent talent to throw too.


Tion Green syndrome


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It’s a joke guys. Everyone calm down.


Huntley just had Hollywood Brown on an easy TD, he missed him of course.

Those 2 throws were really good.

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If the Ravens win this game, I’ll change my mind completely, lol

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Beautiful passes.

Huntley isn’t good enough. But i do think it does make sense to cut Boyle come the off season and get a back up in who has some athletic traits and might be able to make some plays with his legs.

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At least one of our backup QB’s should be like this. If not for any other reason but to help us prepare for QB’s who are mobile.



I’m pretty confident Goff isn’t the long term answer for us. Not taking shots at him or anything but a guy like Huntley is the type of QB i would love to see in Detroit. Honestly i would need to do some research on Huntley before i would say lets get him…but he looked good yesterday.

Having watched a lot of Utah over the past few years I can say with a decent amount of confidence that he isn’t the answer. I do think that guys like he and Perkins are the style of QBs we should pursue as backups though.