Trade Poll: Who do you want the most?

Figured why not. As trades and trade talk heats up, it will be all the rage here …

So here’s a poll. Who do you want the most? And keep in mind that the player talent level and contract situation will likely command the most in return.

My vote is for Crosby. But that seems very unlikely given our next opponent. Backup would be Burns. I’m of the opinion that more pressure on the QB will help both Hutch and the secondary.

  • Maxx Crosby
  • Chase Young
  • Danielle Hunter
  • Donte Jackson
  • Patrick Surtain
  • Brian Burns
  • Jon Allen
  • Saquon Barkley
  • Derrick Henry
  • Carl Lawson
  • Dalvin Cook
  • At least two players
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Young, least capital of the top DEs, and most affordable to sign

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Ive been on crosby train and started a thread about it

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Al Bundy. We’d never lose again.

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Him with uncle rico

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Jon Allen, if salary cap wasn’t a real thing!


It needs to be a DE or penetrating DT
The DL needs to get more pressure period


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@BigNatty just think how handsome he would be if he was bald, throwing s hit over the mountains


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The chicks he could get. He throws a mean well done steak too.

If you put Chase Young on a poll, I’m going to vote for him…

But since draft capital is a real thing, I’m really going to vote for him.

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We don’t need the quarterback controversy :rofl:

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Most of these choices are incredibly unlikely. If I had to choose my fantasy trade of these guys it would be Crosby. Pass rush is the key to everything on defense, plus he’s signed long term, young still and is the perfect mold of a MCDC guy, not to mention being a Michigan guy.

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I looovvvvveeee u brother!

Brad isn’t perfect…

The cap isn’t real….

J Allen contract would cost us 14M and 15M each of the next 2 years. A bargain!!!

Goff and ASB are really the only players we’d need to sign before 23’- maybe Jackson and McNeill and we have plenty of money too.

If we haven’t won it by 25’ we likely won’t…. Go back to 21’ and see which teams in week 7 seemed like up and comers that would dominate in 23’.


I’d trade for Allen or Chase Young and Jeudy

Haha! Love you too, man!

I will be the first to admit how little I understand how little I know about the financial side of things.

iF we can get that dude cheap, I think it changes everything and puts us on another level. I wonder what holmes thinks of Bro-Mart?

I feel like Brad will continue to build through the draft… I mostly think that based on how he keeps saying ‘focus on the future’ and ‘stay the course’ all the time…I just think that’s what he means.

That said, I was surprised af when he signed Sutton, CjGJ in the offseason

I truthfully have no idea what is going on, but I truly trust Brad.
He may not be perfect, but his hair damn sure is!

Next years first, second, and third round picks.
I see no reason to bust the bank, that’s coming soon enough.
We’ll make the playoffs. That’s a good next step.
Let’s build for a decade, not for a season.

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This I what I think is going on too. I really think this is different. I really think brad and dan are special. I really think they will do it…and I really think this looks like Cowher’s steelers.


We neee a CB the most but no way is Denver trading Surtain. Hell most of the defenders on that list won’t be available.