Trade Time

Folks, lets get real here…we are not Jeff Okudah away from winning the Super Bowl. We need an influx of talent and this draft sets up perfectly to help us get there. This scenario have about a 3% chance of actually happening (b/c SOL) but it makes complete sense to me and not as far fetched as one would think.

If the draft goes Burrow (Cincy) and Young (Skins), that leaves the Lions sitting at #3 with both Herbert and Tua available. My recommendation is to trade with Miami for whatever 2nd rounder they are willing to give up. I am willing to take their #56 even if that doesn’t equal value. Miami takes Tua which leaves the Giants to go (OT or Simmons). That puts us back on the clock at #5 and Okudah still sitting there. This is where I try to get creative. The Chargers probably aren’t going to give up their 2nd rounder (#37) just to move up one pick but they might forfeit their 3rd rounder (#71) to lock down their QB. If that were to occur, the Lions could still take Okudah at #6 or even trade down for a 3rd time (highly unlikely).

With this scenario playing out, the Lions would have the following picks:

1st (#6)
2nd (#35)
2nd (#56)
3rd (#67)
3rd (#71)
3rd (#85)

That is 6 top 100 guys being added to our roster and possible still getting the guy we all think we will take if we simple stay at #3. I know this is unlikely but this is exactly what the Lions need to try to do even if they aren’t getting a huge haul we thought we might.

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Alternatively they both tell BQ to shut it because they don’t think he will draft either QB and call his bluff?

If he does his job correctly, he plays them off each other and tell them both teams are looking to trade up. He should have worked with Stafford to go along with the rumors of us moving on from him and drafting Tua (instead we basically kicked the bucket on that one).

Quinn isn’t bluffing about taking a QB and has not said anything that would make anyone believe that he would, in fact it has been quite the opposite. The real question is will the Dolphins believe that no one will jump in front of them to take the QB that they want, and the same can be said for the Chargers who already have to worry about the Dolphins. For both of them the options are stay where you are and hope that the guy you want is there when you are picking or move up to get the guy that you want. Since it looks like both teams are in need of a QB I highly doubt that both of them will stay where they are at, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they both find a trade up partner. No to mention the teams behind them that need a QB. Do not forget that teams make some pretty stupid moves to get a QB.

I am curious, besides Miami and the Chargers, what teams actually need QB’s? Cam Newton doesn’t even have a team right now. Who else is going to be looking to get a franchise QB?

  • Patriots
  • Colts (after this year)

Raiders have 2 first rounders and the Jags do also both teams have QBs but not franchise type QBs.


Thank you , I was just getting ready top say the same thing, kind of. I would also add that IMO there are only about 6 franchise QBs in the league which means there are plenty of teams that still need their guy.

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The Dolphins have 3 1st round picks, 5, 19, and 26 I think. I think it’s at least feasible that the Lions can get their 5 and 26 for the 3OA. I’d be cool with that; if they want to TD further then the chances of losing Okudah go up. Should be a fun night, hope they don’t postpone it.

If mia or the chargers think tua is there guy they will not take any chances on losing him this goes for the raiders and jacksonville also . lions SHOULD . get at least and 2 3 and late 4 or 5 look what bears gave up to move one spot up KNOWING trubisky was going to be there afraid some one would jump up in Front of them and tua is three times the prospect trubisky was.

I was simply taking a pessimistic stance and honestly there is nothing that says these teams won’t try and jump to Washingtons pick or that they both like different QB prospects. I am resigned to believing that until a trade happens that we will be drafting at 3 and Young and Burrows will be off the board. If that situation occurs and the phone isn’t ringing what do you do?

If no trade offer comes down then the Lions would have the same choice as if they did move to 5 or 6. Okudah, Simmons or Brown. My preference is Simmons but i have nothing against the other 2 and can see why they might be the choice.

The value at 3 isn’t, hasn’t, and never will be in the lions making people think we might go QB. EVERYONE knows we must win now. Not a single gm could pull that off under these circumstances.
The value at 3 is in both Miami and LAC believing the other wants one therefore they move up.
I’ve mentioned this before, our real payday would be if young was there at 3… then you’ll get big trade offers


People serious overvalue how much teams want Tua. I don’t think anyone will be giving up picks to move up to get him. I don’t care how many workout videos he puts out, he will always be marred with questions about his durability. I think most teams will just stand put and not move up to grab him.

100% agree with that. By the same token, it also increases the value of the skins’ pick.

I don’t think trade offers for Young would compare to offers for Tua, though.


I was thinking about this last night…would you guys take a 3rd rounder to move back to #5? I actually think I would. If Okudah is the guy we want, he should definitely still be there at #5. If I was the GM, I would be putting up every smokescreen possible to get Miami to move their pick.

No way in hell

A third? We’re getting more than a third. Either there is no market whatsoever (which I doubt) or we’re getting two 2s at least. I think we’re getting more then that but we’ll have to wait and see

I am hopeful there is more of a market than that as well. My question is if Miami calls our bluff and isn’t interested in trading up, we would be stuck taking Okudah at #3. With the Giants signing Bradberry already, I don’t see them taking a CB in #4. Okudah will still be there at #5, so lets take whatever we can get from Miami.

First there are other QBs that could be the target of Miami and the LAC. It is not just Tua like many would like to believe.

Second I would say that you are undervaluing what teams that need a franchise QB will do to get one. That is the “white whale” of most franchises and most of them will do just about anything to get one.

SO if the Dolphins like a guy then either they hope that the Chargers are happy taking whomever is left or has no interest in moving up, both of which I highly doubt.
Now on the other hand the Chargers may be hoping that the Dolphins stay where they are because it makes the cost of moving in front of them cheaper.

I am just saying that I would be very surprised if neither one of them move up to get a QB.

Not really…a smart team doesn’t start with a QB, it adds toward the beginning of the SB run. Dumb franchises start at QB and build around them.