Trade with Miami options

What’s our options for trading with Miami?
What picks can we get from them?

They have the Texans 1st and 2nd round picks next year as well.

What can we get? What ideally is what we’d get from them?

We have pick #3 = 2200 points

Miami has pick #5= 1700 points
pick #18= 900 points
pick #26= 700 points
pick #39= 510 points
pick #56= 340 points
pick #70= 240 points

The Bears traded the Nos. 3, 67 and 111 picks, as well as a 2018 third-round pick, to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for the second overall pick.

If Chase Young is there, it’d have to be higher compensation…Say #5 #26 and #70. If Young is gone, then I’d take #5 #56 and next year’s 2nd

I’m not good at the value chart deal…

Regardless, Thats a ton of draft assets to move up one spot

Think he is showing the value of picks not what we would get Its certain we would get #5 the question is what after that would you be willing to take. I would want based on Bears at least the #18 pick an one next year a third

So to move down we would get #5 an #18 at very least

Based on the bears? They got 2 3rds and a 4th…you want an extra 1st a 2nd and a 3rd for 2 spots… That’s not even close to the same.

I’m not saying we have to take pick #5, if we think the value in this draft is later. You could possibly say we want picks: 18, 26, 39, and 56 instead. So then we have picks 18 and 26 in the 1st round. Picks #35, 39, and 56 in the 2nd round. 5 picks in the first 2 rounds would be quite a haul IMO…but maybe we ask for even more, we hold the chips here.


Why would Miami want to trade? Nobody ahead of them is going to draft Tua (I just assume this is what the OP thinks they want). Maybe someone else behind them tries to jump up, but I doubt it.

You can also look at what the jets gave indy to move up from #6 to #3 for Sam Darnold in 2018. In exchange for #3, Indy received #6, #37, #49 and their 2nd round pick in 2019. Pick 3 = 2200, pick 6 = 1600, 37 = 530, 49 = 410, 2019 2nd = 260 = 2800 total.

If trading with Miami, I think Detroit should be looking for #39 & 56 and a 2nd next year or #3 & #34 for #26, #39 & #56. My preference would be to the 2 2nd rounders and a 2021 second.

At 5 if Brown, Okudah, Simmons and Epenesa were available and a trade with Carolina (prerequisite they were taking a QB) was possible for their second I would take that trade down as well. Adding picks 38, 39, and 56 would help fill alot of holes.

If Miami has a lock on the guy they want and they consider him to be special the chart is meaningless …You don’t not get the guy you want or think is special because the team wants an additional second , the chart goes out the window when you are talking about the first couple picks and the Franchise QB you desire and the fan base desperately deserves is for the taking …Is Detroit willing to move ? I think so. Does Miami want a QB badly? I think so …Do other clubs threaten Miami to move up to 3 or 4? I think so. If the QB they desire is still on the board at #3 you go get a kings ransom from Miami …#5 & #39 are absolute must have picks, so we fight for #18 until a minute or 2 remain on the clock, field other calls real or not , if we have to settle we take #26 to get it done … #5 , #26, #39…My point though really is if they say okay to that , you back off and demand #18 instead of #26 & you don’t lose the guy over 7 spots in the draft Miami would be silly to let that happen .

It’s a chess match, right. If Miami thinks Detroit “wants” to trade back then Miami might have the upper hand…and we might take less, depends how good of a poker face Quinn has.

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He doesn’t look old enough to play poker…


And he’s overweight :joy:


Well, I don’t really know. I really want the Lions to catch a draft break. They haven’t caught a break in a long time. It just always seems the great player gets taken right before they pick, or they blow it. So we really need these QBs to move up the board. The closer that a team believes they’ve found their franchise QB, the better the haul is going to be. But honestly, right now I see more a Trubisky trade than a Darnold one…Tua’s injury needs to be overcome. And Herbert has some questions. But its early!

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I want the Lions to catch a break as well. Right now all the Tua talk helps Detroit and it would be best if Detroit treated him as a possiblity at #3. Hopefully Detroit spends Time interviewing he and Herbert.

Am I the only one who feels confident just by looking at him that Bob Quinn was never any good at baseball?

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I think he looks like a tool. What executive walks into a board room carrying a baseball bat? This is your job, act as such.

The kind that hires a coach with a pencil in his ear all the time???


Then there is the President, Rod WOOD.

They must really like things made from the forest.

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