Trades on the horizon for Brad Holmes

Holmes has made 3 significant trades since becoming Lions G.M.

  • Stafford trade
  • Jameson draft trade up
  • Hockenson trade

Do you think he makes another big move this March or during the draft in April?

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Didn’t he trade-up for Barnes as well?

I think it’s pretty likely that we see some draft-day trades.


We are going to trade Jack Fox for two firsts and a 3rd because we don’t plan on ever punting again!!


I’m with Snags (likely draft-day trades). I don’t see any pending re-signings that draw attention to themselves like Hockenson. I do suppose it’s possible we trade Swift for 2024 draft capital, depending on our haul this draft and injuries to other teams next year.

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I didn’t forget about Barnes.


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How about when Holmes traded down in the 6th round and still got Rodrigo and an extra 7th round pick!! That was a great move!


What they will actually do is trade Goff and Fox would play QB kicking the ball to the receivers.

@BigNatty will probably need some beta-blockers and an angioplasty from all the butter on his corn.


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Swift is the only player I see with any trade value (besides Goff).

Is an extension for Swift in the future plans? I don’t want to break the bank on a RB, but maybe Holmes decides to pay him.

You could get 1 more cheap year out of Swift (2023), Franchise Tag (2024) and then let walk him to free agency in March 2025. Two more years of production before you move on.

If you don’t plan on resigning Swift to an extension, then maybe finding some value in return is the right move. Not an easy decision because he’s such a dynamic and explosive player.


That looks like Aaron Rodgers every offseason.


Ok, what about this -

DeForest Buckner was traded from 49ers >>> IND for the 13th overall pick.

Just for fun…we currently hold the 15th overall pick, what player can we trade that pick for?

Yeah - as much as I like Swift he has still never put his potential on tape for a full year. It is the one place we lack on offense. He can be dynamic but just too inconsistent between injuries and bad decisions.

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Yeah. We’ll know in a few months whether they intend to keep trying to coach him up. So much potential.

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Trade candidates and Holmes asking price:

Brockers - a box of chocolate covered cherries with flowers. He was only worth the cherries but his contract included the flowers. A LOT OF FLOWERS!
Austin Bryant - 4 used lottery tickets to represent 4 wasted season.
AO - A case of hemmoroids (May as well trade a pain in the … for a pain in the …)
Scot Daly - A pack of viagra - Literally one job to do and you can’t get the ball up consistently.

Stafford retires with neck injury with the final tipping point being the high profile Tom Brady divorce. The time has come, Stafford hangs it up, leaving a huge void at the QB position in LA.

Well, well…we have your pick, Rams! We will give you the #15 and the Vikings #61 overall picks for Jalen Ramsey. Straight up! He’s three years older (29) than what DeForest Buckner was (26) at the time of trade. Rams gain some resources to target a QB.

#15 and #61 to Rams
Jalen Ramsey to Lions



I think it depends largely on the sellers. I think Washington might be selling everything from the owner on down, and if that’s the case it could be a prime opportunity to go after Montez Sweat.

If Tampa blows it up, unlikely, Winfield Jr might be had.

I think alot depends on front office changeover, as an incoming GM often wants draft capital to remake the team in their version, and aren’t afraid of selling the last guys picks to do so. In that direction, Arizona will be good to examine with the effective exit of their GM stage right. Isaiah Simmons, Zaven Collins, Leki Fotu, Budda Baker, are all high profile pieces that might be had for a smaller than expected price.


Complete robbery all those trades would be for the Lions, ha ha

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Is that Aaron Rodgers?

You are so on Natty’s shit list.:rofl: