Traveling woes

Finally did the TSA precheck thing. Flying out this morning to sing kumbaya in Ojai CA, so kind of excited to begin the trip stress free.

First, a longer line at Precheck than the poor person line.
Second, I’m “randomly” screened. Yes, I’m sure my full name and higher levels of melanin in my skin and hair were unrelated.
Then, they screen my bag. For almost 30 minutes. Leaving it in shambles for me to piece back together.

WTF is the point of Precheck?

Finally, they forgot to do Priority boarding. Desk agent literally said, “if you need some extra time, you can board now.” Which prompted literally everyone to get in line.

Point is, fellas, there’s no shortcuts in this first-world life.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I’ve become a Delta fan.

I am traveling to Atlanta early December and the only flight I could get on the the day of was Spirit. I hate spirit but at least it’s a shorter flight.

If I’m doing a longer Flight I’m choosing Delta Comfort.


Travelled for 20+yrs out of Atlanta, love Delta and Hartsfield.
Granted Hartsfield was my starting and ending point but I learned when to fly for shorter faster lines and where the better parking spots were.

Yet, I don’t miss the air travel one bit.