Travon Walker visiting Lions





Travon Walker will visit with the Lions. He is definitely in play at two.

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Mike Garafolo


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#Georgia DL Travon Walker will visit all of the teams in the top 6 of this year’s NFL Draft – the #Jaguars, #Lions, #Texans, #Jets, #Giants and #Panthers – over the next week-plus. Charles Davis says Walker will return to Jacksonville as the No. 1 pick


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He could very well be their guy
Sounds like he’s the most versatile
Heard somewhere that he might be the least “bendy” of the top three

No idea …

Glad they’re doing their due diligence. I truly have no idea who they’re going to take at 2, no matter what happens at 1.

I think that’s a good thing.

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Trade down, add another 1st Rd pick, and get both Walker & Garrett Wilson?

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Then take Willis because he slides to 32. You forgot that part.

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Welcome to Fantasy Island …

Hey boss, da plane!! da plane!!


More fuel for the fire!

I am not!! a draft guy, but I like this article and how the writer speel out the flexibility this kid potentionaly has as well as the fact eh could still become a strong edge guy…

Why pick the other two over this kid?

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At this point I put Walker as my odds on favourite for the Lions
Heard zero about him as a person but I think the versatility thing is a separator

Production— can’t compare
As I understand it scheme and what he was asked to do were not stat friendly

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I like Walker but I don’t like him at two. I get that he is a freak athlete playing in a star studded defense but the lack of production makes it a huge leap for us to take at two.

Maybe he is the next Danielle Hunter but can we really afford to spend 2OA on a toolsy project who may or may not be a quality passing down contributor until 2024 or later.

I think there are multiple guys we can take at 2 who would provide instant impact on our defense.


He’s #1 on my wish list at 2, he’s the perfect fit for this team… And he can most likely fit into any scheme the next coaching staff installs as well, so there’s THAT!

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I am leaning more this way as I think he is a piece that can be used in so many ways to help improve this defense and disguise the defense even more. Similar to how UGA used him, stat line wasn’t full but UGA relied on LB for pressure and sacks and Walker contr to that in a large manner.


While I see your point, I think that Walker in a 4-3 can be a game wrecker, especially if our DTs can push the pocket.

Another one for Walker.
And to show that he wasn’t kidding, he doubled down on Walker at 32. Ledyard's NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Two QBs Land In Top 10

Ledyard agrees that he’s not bendy:

“The fascination with Walker is funny to me. He’s huge and a great athlete, but he’s pretty linear on tape and has shown very little pass rush nuance. Walker is a project to me, with just 9.5 sacks in college. Looking back over draft history, there are not many college edge defenders with less than 10 career sacks who have been worthy of a first-round pick, let alone a Top 10 selection. But Walker will give Detroit an edge setter and a physical presence up front.”

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On paper, Walker seems to be the ideal pick.

Bigger/stronger/faster than Hutchinson or KT. The question is…where was the production?


You guys do know Walker on just about every list is # 6 an he is one I want.

We are #2 meaning if we take it its well with an no reach pick an you need to consider maybe a S is graded ahead a couple of OTs an couple other edge
I hope he is are pick. I would like small trade down but think are best changes to pick up a couple is pick 32

I think some teams near top of rd 2 will like to move up.

Using only his technique to project his pro fit, Walker can play wherever he’s needed against the run, and that versatility is his greatest asset. “At the University of Georgia, we play a lot of different defenses,” Walker said at the NFL combine. “Therefore, you can be scattered all out on the field — from playing a five technique, a 4i, an under front, you play a (three technique) – so you’re really doing everything to just expand your résumé.”

As a nine technique, Walker has the speed to close space and the length to keep his chest clean against blockers. If he were a six technique, he would have the physicality to play in close quarters and deal with blockers coming at him from different angles.

and one more…
How a coach would diagnose this issue is a matter of how optimistic they feel about the player. The most generous outlook would explain the lack of pass rush production on his varying alignments and assignments in Georgia’s scheme and his lack of reps because of the depth of talent along the defensive front. Walker’s teammates Nakobe Dean, Channing Tindall and Quay Walker were all gifted blitzers, and Smart maximized their skill sets at the cost of more traditional pass rush off the edge. To generate free rush lanes for those linebackers, Walker and the rest of the defensive linemen looped, slanted and twisted around to occupy offensive linemen.

I think he would have to add a lot of technique to his physical tools before he is a game wrecker in the pass game in the pros. I think he would be an effective edge setter in the run game straight away but he is very much a project.

A lot of people shitting on KT for fairly spurious reasons IMHO, i think he is a plug in and play edge day one who gets you 15 sacks his first two seasons.

I wouldn’t be a fan of taking a defensive back at 2 but Hamilton, Stingley and Sauce would all be instant upgrades to this defense as well.


Watch his games an the rest of the DL for Georgia he was like all the line rotated an left a lot for LBs The production is the whole system they played not on individuals on DL .

You also should look at his numbers rotating not just sacks.
Look at numbers for each DLman an each LB the LBs had a like double tackles an the Dlman had almost exact numbers

The production is the sum of the front 7 an its very good.