Trent Dilfer says Tua throws better than Rogers and Marino

Trent Dilfer has been working with Tua. He declared Tua fully healthy. This should raise his draft value.

But then he praised him by putting him in the same class as Dan Marino and Aron Rogers. Claiming Tua is the best QB in the draft class.

Here is what was originally reported he said.

Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer has now claimed that Tagovailoa throws better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino.

“If he would have never gotten hurt there would have been no discussion about who the best player in the draft is. He throws the football better than anyone throws the football. He throws better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino. Whoever gets him wins the draft because you are getting a Hall of Fame player," Dilfer said via The Washington Post.

He then clarified that statement in the above article.

Dilfer responded on social media, clarifying, “Two comments to Les [Carpenter] got combined into one. I said he throws it ‘as well as AR and DM’ I never said better (that would be crazy talk). I said he throws it BETTER than AR did at THIS STAGE of their development.”

Regardless I love the hype and hope it drives up Tua’s value.

He may be a Terrell Davis, Robert Griffin, or Terry Allen type player—burn brightly for a short time and then flame out due to injuries.

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Ohhh… Trent Dilfer you fucked up .

WORDS OF WISDOM by Trent Dilfer …

“You can not lose games in the NFL and still win”

I shit you not .

Dilfer is talking up his client like he gets a bonus if Tua goes top 3

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I paid him to say that, because I get a sweet bonus from NYL if Tua goes top 3.


It’s not going to work …failed physicals :wink: I’m already counting it out



I’m just hoping one of these QB needy teams are willing to trade up for him.

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You cannot lose jelly and have a PBJ sandwich. It just won’t happen.

Tua is going to be really good if he can stay healthy. I have some serious doubts about that second part though.


I remember Dilfer saying how Sanchez was the cream of the 2009 draft.


Yeah, pumping his clients is part of the “program”

You guys have a bet going?
Awesomeness and hilariousness at the same time :+1:

Yeah man just for 25 bucks but NYL doesnt realize thats like 8300 Canadabux. Ill probably retire early if Tua goes in the first 3 picks.

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Yeah but if you lose he’ll be demanding USD
FX rate really really bad right now
It’s gonna hurt if you lose. :grin:

Yeah ill probably have to work an extra ten years if this shutdown ever stops but YOLO!

I get the injury concerns but sometimes transcendent talents overcome substantial obstacles.

Dan Marino supposedly slid due to a cocaine problem, got drafted into 1980s Miami and still hit it big. As far as headwinds go, a QB with a cocaine problem getting drafted into 1980s Miami is akin to a Jewish Quarterback getting drafted by the 1943 Berlin Reichstaggers.

Sometimes the talent is just too good to not take a chance on. Tua’s not my first choice but I could get behind it for sure.


Wasn’t it just weed for Marino?

I just want to throw this stat out there: Dilfer has as many SB rings as ROGERS AND MARINO COMBINED! You need to listen when this legend talks.

Hahahahahahajahaha… (catches breath)
You like Tua? Great! I support that you like him.
He throws better then Marino?

(Leaves the room)

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I have seen rumors of both. Jonas Knox and Bucky Brooks were talking about it on the radio today and both were insistent that those rumors were swirling around back then.

His time at Pitt was the era of the coked up Pirates teams so it was definitely prevalent in Pittsburgh at the time. Who knows?

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He looked the part as well

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